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Simple Advice On Composing An Essay On Why Romeo And Juliet Is A Tragedy

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❶These series of events were not mere coincidences but rather a sign of fate helping the events lead to the inevitable and unavoidable deaths. This indicates that destiny and fate oppose their love and relationship.

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Shakespeare uses the theme of love to portray to the audience that it can bring as much happiness as it can bring destruction and in the face of the events during the play, it does just that. Blood is spilling in the streets and their children wind up in an awful situation. Are they terribly uncaring? The Montagues and the Capulets are venerable families of Verona, and as such they command respect.

Even Prince Escalus shows them respect though their longstanding enmity angers him. He would not likely extend the same courtesy to a family of lesser stature. But the respect commanded by a noble family does not give very much insight into the nature of these parents and their relationships with their children. Shakespeare leaves those clues in the text. In only two scenes in the entire play are all four parents present. The first is the street fight involving Benvolio, a Montague, and Tybalt, a Capulet.

The elder generation arrives when the battle is already underway. Old Montague and Capulet immediately want to enter the fray, particularly when each sees the other ready to fight. To put forward to the audience the foolishness of both families Shakespeare uses the symbolism of thumb-biting, which was the act of flicking ones thumbnail from behind his upper teeth.

The whole gesture of such an action is used by Shakespeare to represent the sheer stupidity of the families.

Due to their ongoing feud neither leaders of the houses tried to make space for peace; they were all too busy in trying to destroy the rival family. This made it impossible for Romeo and Juliet to have an open relationship, which meant they had to go around in secret. This added to the tragedy of the play because both Romeo and Juliet were growing up and their relationship was growing stronger and deeper and this is shown by the extent they went to be together and their rash decision to get married proved how desperate they were to be as one.

The Capulet-Montague feud not only affected Romeo and Juliet but it caused the tragic deaths of those who were not part of it. Instead he suggests that they stop their bitter rivalry and embrace each other but Tybalt just taunts him. His death signifies the true reality of how venomous the feud was between the two families that it was costing other lives.

Romeo soon ends the life of Tybalt and gets himself banished from Verona. Having heard of this decision by the Prince, Lady Montague dies from grief, a tragic death that might not have happened if the two families had ended their brawl. Thereafter, Romeo kills Paris after Paris challenges him to a duel and soon Romeo and Juliet take their lives. All these deaths could have been prevented but due to the ongoing dispute there was no chance. The whole play was in total five days long.

The length of time adds to the build up of tragedy in the play. One death alone could not have made this play a tragedy but six takes the plunge and over the course of only five days. Early in the play, Romeo is painfully aware of the passage of time as he pines for Rosaline: Soon time begins to aid in the destruction of the lovers. Capulet rushes ahead the marriage date, insisting Juliet wed Paris a day early, and thus forcing her into swift and, ultimately, fatal action which lead to her death.

The fast pace in which the play moved on demonstrates the rash decisions made throughout the play and that is forwarded to the audience by Shakespeare. Another factor which contributed to the death of Romeo and Juliet was the Capulets. Their outraged and raging behaviour towards Juliet when she refused to marry Paris drew the line for Juliet to seriously think about her position. Old Capulet fails Juliet as he contradicts what he had said in the very beginning about her marriage to Paris.

Nevertheless, Old Capulet changes his mind and moves it forward when before he was determined to wait two summers. His rash and sudden decision of engaging Paris and Juliet meant that Friar Laurence had less time to get the letter to Romeo. Likewise, Capulet cannot believe that his faithful daughter would adopt such an attitude. She believes Juliet is better off dead than disobedient. Lady Capulet here demonstrates that she has never had to deal with a willful child.

Their attitude at the time was very common for wealthy and well known residents of Verona, Italy as parents usually chose who their children would marry and the two people in question had no say in the matter. It was also normal for parents to disown their child if they refused to accept the person they chose for them to marry. Marriage for girls usually began once they hit puberty and soon after they would have children of their own.

It was the parents responsibility to make sure that their children married and was known to be their duty. She is portrayed as being the nurse of Juliet who was responsible for taking care of her. Even though the Nurse is aware of the looming engagement of Juliet and Paris she does nothing at the beginning to try and separate and stop the growing attachment of Romeo and Juliet, instead acts as messenger because she liked being involved in the relationship.

The sense of betrayal for Juliet is tremendous. Suddenly the name of the Nurse, Angelica, seems to contradict her personality because of her trickery. The person whom she felt most close to, a friend who was there for had now turned against her? The Nurse was also quick to side Tybalt when she realized that for her, blood was thicker than water. At this point of the play it seems that all odds are against them and the audience are rooting for them to overcome the trials and tribulations.

Here there is a genuine feeling of the readers feeling sorry for them and this one factor has a great impact in making the play seem so tragic. Even though most people already agree that the play is a tragic comedy by Shakespeare, you will need to give enough evidence from the work itself in order to create a strong stance. The first thing you should do is to read the play carefully. Watch the performances on the play so that you can get a better understanding.

You might have already read the play but it is a good idea to go through it again so that you can take notes and highlight areas where you can find support for your stance. To make it easier, here are few reasons that you can use in order to strengthen your essay on why Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy. These all points are enough of an evidence to help you prove the fact that this play is a tragedy by Shakespeare. Homepage Essay draft Writing services Online Help Get an essay helper Choosing the best Looking for good examples Making essay with help Getting a plagiarism-free sample Best paper writing agencies The 5 Senses essay template Buying an excellent paper Custom paper writing help Getting literature comparative papers Free comparative papers How to improve writing skills Getting history essay samples.

Think about how two high school students act when they are in love, and you have these two characters! It shows as an extreme example of how Shakespeare's writing has crossed time, and it still relatable. Romeo and Juliet is one of Shakespeare's most famous plays; however, it is very tragic.

There are quite a few elements that make this play a tragedy. One of the first is the downfall of the main characters, Romeo and Juliet, culminating in their deaths at the end of the play. Second, are the many events that lead up to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Some of these include the fact that each comes from each other's loathed enemy family, Juliet's father insists that she marry Paris and then he moves the wedding up a day, Romeo kills Tybalt, etc.

We usually expect the protagonist s to have a happy ending; however, this does not happen. As a result, these are some of the elements that make Romeo and Juliet a tragedy. Why is Romeo and Juliet a tragedy? Expert Answers shake99 Certified Educator. Related Questions Is "Romeo and Juliet" a tragedy of haste? Is "Romeo and Juliet" a tragedy of haste? What characters and ideas

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Essay on The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet By William Shakespeare - The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet By William Shakespeare "Romeo and Juliet" is a story of love that is wrecked by a feud between the two lovers' families. Romeo, a Montague is madly in love with Juliet, a Capulet. They are both young and fall madly in love.

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Tragedy fits into Romeo and Juliet due to the tragic death that occurs at the end of the play and because of this is considered to be tragedy. There are three topics to consider when looking at tragedy.

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