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8 Basic Tips for Writing an Amazing White Paper

So, What Are White Papers, Exactly?

❶And an inexperienced designer can destroy the readability of an otherwise strong white paper.

My words mean business.

7 Examples of Actual White Papers
When I first started writing white papers more than 20 years ago, I looked all over for a FAQ.

However, we now know that HFCs are actually dangerous greenhouse gases. Include charts, graphs, or diagrams to help to back up your white paper's argument. They can also win an audience's attention. Some white papers integrate visual aids into the text. Others place them in an appendix at the end. Ask your employer which method they prefer. Analyze the data and figures you present. Detail how you arrived at your conclusions. You should aim to produce findings that can be reproduced through the analysis you conducted.

Describe your proposed solution s. Adopt a step-by-step approach that clarifies exactly how you intend your idea to be implemented. Divide your content into digestible parts, such as bulleted lists or individual paragraphs with their own bold headings.

This will help your audience to read and understand your argument. Focus instead on what to expect in a solution. Use hard evidence, such as trade journals, government publications, and the data and figures in your research, to explain why your solution is the best course of action to take.

Weigh your argument against other proposed solutions. Acknowledge the usefulness of opposing solutions while emphasizing why they fall short of solving the problem. Close with a summary. Include a review of the problem at hand. Briefly recap your solution. Re-emphasize the result you hope to see. If you choose to slip in a plug for your product or company, keep it relevant and subtle.

Over time, should white papers be revised to reflect current thought or should they just be retired when either the issue or the information is no longer current? Unfortunately, there don't seem to be any clear answers. I would definitely err on the side of revision. However, a copy of the old white paper should be kept in a database for historical overviews in future documents.

Not Helpful 0 Helpful Although Purdue OWL doesn't specify whether or not to indent, the white papers available online do not indent. Unless your employer specifies otherwise, each paragraph is single spaced with a double space between paragraphs. Paras are also marked by numbered and bulleted lists. Not Helpful 1 Helpful If you are selling a product or service in a competitive environment, then cost will be a decisive factor. If cost is a selling point it is necessary to highlight it.

The cost benefit can be introduced in a comparative table or other statistical formats. Not Helpful 4 Helpful If you're looking for marketing-specific material, check out the American Marketing Association's database at https: You can find more diverse topics at http: Not Helpful 7 Helpful Where can I find a sample white paper dealing with an educational topic or white paper that deals with education?

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The Purdue OWL offers global support through online reference materials and services. Purdue Online Writing Lab. Common Words that Sound Alike Numbers: Text Elements Visual Rhetoric: Process and Materials Overview: An Introduction Researching Programs: Just contact me via the form below, or review my portfolio of work for yourself.

Thank you -- and I look forward to hearing from you! I'm based in Dallas, but my work goes global, so whether you're in Peoria or Paris, let's talk about how my work can serve your business needs. He took a relatively complex subject and made it easily understandable to the layman.

If I had three thumbs, I would put them all up! My words mean business. White papers can work wonders for business, but it takes an expert white paper copywriter to craft a heavy-hitter. In other words, white papers can: Generate leads at the start of the sales funnel; Nurture prospective customers in the middle; and Support buying decisions at the end.

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Writing a white paper isn’t easy, but it can be an awesome way to stand out as an expert in your field. Although crafting a white paper is more of an art than a science, there are general guidelines you can follow to help you out along the way. White papers are great tools for generating.

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While there are some similarities, writing a white paper isn’t quite like writing a blog post, case study, research report, grocery list, or well, you get the point. It’s decidedly it’s own animal and should be treated as such. White papers should be.

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Or create a white paper to sell your writing, about how businesses benefit from using freelance writers. Post it on your site as a free download for prospects. Sharpen your skills by writing as many white papers as you can. A white paper in the high-tech industry is a technical document that describes how a technology or product solves a particular problem. It's a marketing document and a technical document, yet it doesn't go too far in either direction. A good white paper is informative and is designed to show off the.

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A white paper project is a complex undertaking, with many moving parts. Here is a step program, of sorts, for effective white paper project management. We’ve learned all these lessons through painful experiences with white papers that went off the rails. Search for white paper writing freelancers. Refine your freelance experts search by skill, location and price. Check freelancers' ratings and reviews. Get free quotes today.