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The Taming of the Shrew

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William Shakespeare

Now go thy ways, thou hast tamd a curst shrow. Tis a wonder, by your leave, she will be tamd so. Indeed, Hortentios assurance in the taming of the curst shrow Katerina seems a wonder to all the audience in the final scene of The Taming of the Shrew. After hurling furniture, pitching fits and assaulting her sister, Katerina delivers a speech that lauds obedience and censures rough behavior. Some have made the claim that Shakespeare was pro-feminist and did all he could to illuminate the wrong done to women of his time by creating some overwhelmingly misogynistic characters.

This was his way of showing men the errors of their ways and shaming them into showing women more respect. It portrays an independent young woman who falls in love with the only man she does not scare.

For women to voice such strong opinions was considered extremely crude. Today we recognize it as wrong to stop anyone regardless of their religion, race or gender from speaking their piece.

There are many arguments for and against each of these points, as well as an argument that discusses one television adaptation of Taming of the Shrew that presents Katherine not as the expected sh The masque of the red death The masque of the red death It is curious to note the role of women in Shakespearean literature.

Many critics have lambasted the female characters in his plays as two-dimensional and unrealistic portrayals of subservient women. Others have asserted that the roles of women in his plays were prominent for the time and culture that he lived in. That such contrasting views could be held in regards to the same topic is academic. It is only with close examination of his works that we are able to suppo William Shakespeaer William Shakespeaer William Shakespeare William Shakespeare was a great English playwright, dramatist and poet who lived during the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries.

Shakespeare is considered to be the greatest playwright of all time. No other writer's plays have been produced so many times or read so widely in so many countries as his. Shakespeare was born to middle class parents. His father, John, was a Stratford businessman. He was a glove maker who owned a leather shop. They didn't have any conflict. Many wives would obey their husband when their husband ord Taming of the Shrew Taming of the Shrew William Shakespeare was a playwright, as well as a poet.

Shakespeare was the oldest of his three brothers there were also four sisters. Shakespeare was educated at a local grammar school, then married Anne Hathaway in Together they had a daughter, Susanna and twins, Hamnet and Judith. There are many reasons why this story is quite unusual and there are experiences to keep it interesting. There are also many literary elements which lend to keeping this story exciting enough to be worthwhile to read. The main lite William Shakespeare William Shakespeare William Shakespeare was a great English playwright, dramatist and poet who lived during the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries.

John Shakespeare was a wel Were the Elizabethans more bloodthirsty or tol Were the Elizabethans more bloodthirsty or tolerant of violence on stage than we are? In addition to the visible bloodletting, there is endless discussion of past gory deeds. Offstage violence is even brought into view in the form of a severed head. At the same time, consider the basic topic of the play, the usurpation of the crown of England and its consequences.

These are dramatic events. The play begins with an induction in which a drunkard, Christopher Sly, is fooled into believing he is a king and has a play performed for him. At the age of then his family moved to Ferrera, where he studied law from to There he also started to study Latin and Greek language and lit Shakespeare, William: The play was humorous and allowed for easy interpretation.

The comic tone of the play made it a even easier to follow and all the more fun to watch. The play incorporates a variety of literary elements, which the Company did a superb job defining for the audience during the performance. The play Perfectly Imperfect: The Shakespeare Story Perfectly Imperfect: The Shakespeare Story Few authors today write with such universal understanding that their works will be popular with all types of people, and so successfully that their work survives centuries.

These authors posses qualities we can seldom identify in their lifetimes. Yet we do know this -- William Shakespeare was one of them. John Shakespeare was born in Essay By Paul Bleier: William Shakespeare was a supreme English poet and playwright, universally recognized as the greatest of all the dramatists. His day of birth is traditionally held on April 23, and he was baptized on April 24, He was the third of eight children, and was the eldest son of John Shakespeare.

He was probably educated in a local grammar school. I Titus Titus Desdemona, on the other hand, is only heard talking naturally with other people. After hurling furniture, pitching fits and assaulting her sister, Katerina delivers a speech that lauds obedien Taming Of The Shrew - Play Review Taming Of The Shrew - Play Review The Taming of the Shrew Keeping within the imaginative boundaries of human life, without becoming overly outlandish, the comedy demonstrated in the play was often sardonic, lighthearted, and always entertaining.

The main theme of this play is that what a person is really like is more important than how they appear to be. All three of these situations help to enrich the theme. The first predicament that William Shakespeare William Shakespeare William Shakespeare was a great English playwright, dramatist and poet who lived during the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries.

Is it the poetry, the violence, the humor, or the romance? Is it because all of these things relate to our times? Scarcely a Shakespearean play has not been made and rema Taming of the shrew Taming of the shrew The Renaissance Woman Pablo Picasso once said there are two kinds of women; there are goddesses and doormats. This quote perfectly reflects the outlook of Renaissance women. Shakespeare fully illustrates this in his novel, Taming of The Shrew.

By portraying the darker side of the Renaissance life of Elizabethan women, the concept of marriage as a business agreement, and by using animal imagery, Shakepeare demonstrates that the Elizabethan era was not a particularly good time Taming Of The Shrew Taming Of The Shrew The Taming Of The Shrew by William Shakespeare is probably one of Shakespeare's earliest comedies.

Its plot is derived from the popular 'war of the sexes' theme in which males and females are pitted against one another for dominance in marriage. Even at this early date, Shakespeare shows himself to be a master of plot construction. Disregarding the classical unity of action, which forbade subplots, for a more enlightened concept of unity, Shakespeare creates two distinct lines of action, each derived from a different source, and integrates them into a unified dramatic whole.

Like Kate, this wife has a younger sister who is the favorite of their father. If Shakespeare used this ballad as a source for the main plot of this play, it is obvious that he toned it down greatly, substituting psychological tactics for physical brutality.

Some critics even today see in this play an unacceptable male chauvinism. One must remember that Shakespeare lived and wrote in a patriarchal world in which the father ruled the family and the husband ruled the wife. For this character Shakespeare substitutes Gremio, a wealthy old citizen of Padua who would marry Bianca but is thwarted by the young Lucentio.

These changes are typical of Shakespeare, in whose plays sexual relationships are virtually always sanctified by marriage and in whose comedies satire is usually genial or at least counterbalanced by good humor. Convinced he is indeed a lord, Sly begins to speak in blank verse and agrees to watch a play performed by traveling players, namely, The Taming of the Shrew.

Sly mistakes the opulence of his surroundings for his true reality and thinks he is a lord rather than a poor tinker of Burton-heath. In the play proper, many of the characters pose as people other than themselves and are responded to in guises not of their true nature.

In the subplot, Lucentio, in order to woo Bianca, trades places with his servant Tranio and further takes on the role of Cambio, a schoolmaster hired by Gremio, to woo Bianca for himself.

Hortensio, another suitor to Bianca, assumes the role of Litio, a music teacher, to gain access to her. Late in the action, a pedant is coerced to play the role of Vincentio, the father of Lucentio. When the true Vincentio appears on the scene, the disguises of the subplot are finally revealed. In the major plot the theme of illusion is not as literal, but it is no less important.

Katharina, the shrew, has played her part for so long that everyone believes she is an irritable and hateful woman. Conversely, Bianca, her sister, is universally regarded as sweet and of a mild disposition. Neither image is totally true. Bianca has to be told twice by her father to enter the house in the first scene, indicating that she is not as tractable as she is thought to be. Katharina, in her first meeting with Petruchio, does not protest when he tells her father that they will be married on Sunday.

She remains silent, indicating that she has tacitly accepted him. In the final scene, the true natures of Katharina and Bianca come out for everyone to see. It is Bianca who is the disobedient wife, and it is Katharina who gives a disquisition on the perfect Elizabethan wife.

Whether her speech is to be taken at face value or as a statement of irony is debatable. He annihilates her resistance with his outlandish actions. At his country house outside Padua, he mistreats his servants unconscionably, demonstrating to Katharina the kind of behavior that she has displayed.

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- The Taming of the Shrew Essay: Katherina's Development Katherina's development in the play, The Taming of the Shrew, is a complicated dilemma for the reader to figure out. Is .

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Bloom, Harold, ed. William Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew”: Modern Critical Interpretations. New York: Chelsea House, New York: Chelsea House, Not for the faint-hearted, this collection of essays is useful for indicating the trends of modern scholarship regarding the play. The Taming of the Shrew Essay. BACK; NEXT ; Writer’s block can be painful, but we’ll help get you over the hump and build a great outline for your paper.

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Essay on Taming of the Shrew: Petrucio’s Desire for Katherine - The Taming of the Shrew: Petrucio’s Desire for Katherine In the play The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare, Petrucio recognizes, respects and desires Katherine’s strength of character. “The Taming of the Shrew” is one of the most renowned plays written by William Shakespeare. The writer raises a number of important themes in.