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manifest destiny Essay Examples

"Manifest Destiny and the Right to Expand" Argumentative/Persuasive Writing

❶Territorial acquisition became the cornerstone of American politics in the 19th century.

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The Guiding Compass in American History: Manifest Destiny Essay Example

All of these criticisms have been true of U. It is often said that the events of September 11, changed the world. The scale and source of the terrorist attacks on U. Below, I will discuss the…… [Read More]. Imperialism the Notion That Whiteness Was a. Imperialism The notion that whiteness was a superior state to blackness and all shades between, the notion of cultural superiority was already firmly entrenched by the time of the Chicago Worlds Fair in Barely cloaked under seemingly benevolent messages of cultural diversity were clear messages related to the American intention to imperialize and colonize.

The establishment of a European cultural hegemony was already under way with the rapid expansion of Britain's colonies as well as those of Spain and France.

For Americans, imperialism was linked even tighter to national identity. The concept of manifest destiny had been applied to westward expansion. By , the Pacific Ocean was the final frontier. America needed a "new frontier," as Frederick Jackson Turner put it cited on page America's brand of imperialism was a curious and powerful mix of economic, political, and social hegemony built on the deep-rooted belief in white cultural…… [Read More].

Texas History Stephen Austin is known as the Father of Texas because he was instrumental in leading the second and ultimately successful colonization of the region by U. His name is on a number of streets, schools, parks, and Texas State facilities.

Based on the text, though, and the way that historical figures tend to become more mythic as their legend grows, I wondered about different points-of-view surround Austin and even the legality and morality of the Texas annexation. I was surprised that initially Austin was reluctant to accept his Father's empresarial grant after he died, having to be persuaded by his mother. The situation, it seemed, was quite complex. Mexico granted land parcels under one government, and then changed the rules under another.

I was also surprised that Austin supported Santa Anna, who would ultimately become his enemy. Essentially, if one takes off the myth, it appears…… [Read More]. U S Foreign Affairs Since The American inaction on the Rwandan genocide places a big question mark on any subsequent action of its government overseas for humanitarian reasons.

Besides being accused of using "humanitarianism" as a smokescreen for pursuing its own narrow national interests, the United States is also accused of undermining the United Nations and International Law in following a policy of unilateralism and pre-emption. The results of pre-emptive action by the United States for purportedly humanitarian reasons in recent times have been far from satisfactory.

For example, when the NATO forces started its bombing campaign in Kosovo in , there was a mass exodus of about , Serbs and other non-Albanian minorities as refugees from the province; there was an increase in the Serbs' attacks on ethnic Kosovan Albanians and their ethnic cleansing: Environmental History in The Trouble. Instead of valuing some parts of nature over others, we should cultivate a universal regard for all parts of nature, down to the lowliest tree in our back yard.

Aldo Leopold would agree. His "land ethic" calls for a new philosophy that includes a moral respect for the land. Like Cronon, Leopold advocates an "ecological conscience," that includes a "conviction of individual responsibility," Cronon realizes that humility and respect as well as "critical self-consciousness" should be the guiding forces of the environmentalist movement p. However, Leopold too upholds a dualistic worldview that appears to be ingrained in American cultural consciousness.

For Leopold, there are two different groups of people pulling in opposite directions: Leopold makes a snickering comment about organic farming as well: Complexities of Culture and Counseling. Lia Lee had what Western doctors call epilepsy, and which the Hmong have a far more lyrical explanation that lends itself to the title of Fadiman's book. The most common neurological disease, epilepsy can be frightening and potentially debilitating.

However, in cultures around the world and throughout time, from the Hmong to the ancient Greeks, epilepsy opens pathways to creativity and an increased understanding of the universe. Thus, as Fadiman points out, many epileptics become shamans. There, doctors tended to the eight-month-old child as best they could under the circumstances. Because all she was…… [Read More].

Accessibility in the Performing Arts. Assessing the economic impact of the arts on these communities allowed the researchers to then produce a national impact estimate, the results of which were stated above.

To understand why the researchers presumed that the economic argument in support of the arts is the most persuasive, one must consider the second attitude…… [Read More]. Frederick Douglass the Narrative of. Douglass concluded that if the Civil Rights Law attempted to promote social equality, so did "the laws and customs of every civilized country in the world," including the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, the Sermon on the Mount, the Golden Rule, and the Apostles' Creed.

He warned his fellow Americans that if the vile spirit of caste as exemplified in the ignoble Supreme Court decision of persisted there would be a "black Ireland in America" Gregory, Evidence of the Republican party's betrayal of blacks encompassed its failure to enforce the letter and spirit of the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments.

It likewise included its failure to pass: America at War Present a Survey of. In fact, a nonstop succession of wars has kept what Eisenhower termed "the military industrial complex" in lucrative business. From the Indian Wars to the World Wars to the Cold War to the war on Terror, Americana has expanded its foothold as an imperial power every step of the way -- even when isolationism appeared to be momentarily in vogue following World War I.

This paper will look at the history of the progression of war in America from to present, showing how that history -- through social, economic, literary, political, and religious changes -- has both shaped and been shaped by American foreign and domestic policy. Crime Prevention and Control -. But an open system of prevention could be the alternative. It would subject the court or legislature to closer and public scrutiny Robinson.

President Lyndon Johnson's Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice was viewed as the single and most influential postwar American criminal justice policy Coles and Kelling Its wisdom, contained the policy's main report, "The Challenge of Crime in a Free Society, published in , swiftly transformed into conventional wisdom.

It became the foundation for criminal justice policy in the 70s to the 90s. It recommended that the police firmly adhere to lawful procedures in handling offenders and the nation's criminal justice agencies, especially the police department, should improve their relations with minority communities.

The Commission had important contributions, but its findings and conclusions were later challenged and even abandoned. It pointed to the police, prosecutors, jails, prisons, probation, parole, and the courts as comprising the…… [Read More]. American West as a Place.

This view, however, fails in Limerick's mind, to adequately show how we can directly trace our current social, economic, and political order to Jamestown, Salem, and the Louisiana Purchase. How has that changed either before or after? Isn't that the justification used by the Virginia Company when establishing Jamestown? Isn't that the same as Sam Houston's justification for the subjugation and annexation of Texas?

Isn't that the same as our ongoing destruction of the environment to create homes, shopping malls, and warehouses? Manifest Destiny existed in the European mindset even before the phrase was coined. Thus, Limerick observes that we have to see our history as part of that same kind of continuity of intent. Indeed, Limerick promotes a moral significance on the history of the American West rather than a focus on specific dates and specific…… [Read More].

Population Growth Stress on Environment. Yet, in the world today there is an even greater fuel shortage, that can create an even greater human catastrophe, as trees create the oxygen that makes it possible to breath. A the urgent need to develop more climate-friendly energy technologies is becoming keenly appreciated worldwide.

Renewable energy technologies are receiving heightened attention, and modern biomass-based energy -- the use of wood, crop residues and dung as fuel -- is increasingly seen as an important component of the transition to a low-carbon energy future Shortages of wood for cooking meant that women and children had to spend many hours in search of fuels.

The growing populations in developing countries were harvesting trees for use as cooking fuels at unsustainable rates -- threatening, according to Eckholm, significant deforestation problems. Native American Culture Intolerance of. The earth,' they say, 'is a great island floating in a sea, and suspended at each of the four cardinal points by a cord hanging down from the sky vault, which is of solid rock.

When the world grows old and worn out, the people will die and the cords will break and let the earth sink down into the ocean, and all will be water again. The Water-Beetle was sent on an exploration, and after darting about on the surface of the waters and finding no rest, it dived to the depths, where it brought up a bit of mud, from which the Earth developed by accretion.

Texas Identity the Texas Revolution. The fact that such a small number of Texan patriots were able to withstand the onslaught of so many Mexicans seemed like a potent dramatization of a conflict between native vs.

Eventually, despite the loss of the Alamo, the Texans prevailed and the Mexican President Santa Anna was taken captive and forced to sign the Treaty of Velasco in , which gave Texas its independence and designated the Rio Grande River as the border between the new Republic of Texas and Mexico. As Santa Anna was a prisoner of the Texans at the time the Mexican Congress refused to ratify the treaty, as Santa Anna had been compelled to sign the treaty illegally, under duress.

The Mexican Congress also noted that the traditional Texas boundary had always been further…… [Read More]. Spanish Influence on California From.

A version of that first bear flag later became the state flag of California. Looking back at the big picture of the early United States and California, it was inevitable that the two entities at that time would be intertwined over history. Beginning with Thomas Jefferson, and his Lewis and Clark expedition, which reached the Pacific Ocean in , it was clear that the United States had a deep interest in all the territories west of the original 13 colonies.

Jefferson's purchase of the Louisiana Territory in , the addition of the Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Mississippi territories around the same time, and the defeat of the British in in New Orleans all proved that the U.

As the west began to…… [Read More]. Race Both Ward Churchill and. The French colonial government actively sought means to control land and land use in Algeria, notes Sartre. Control over land and natural resources equals ownership of the means of production. Economic oppression also creates class conflict: Even within the underclass, class conflict prevents political cohesion. The French and the Americans would have been far less successful in their colonial campaigns had the Algerians and the Native Americans been able to organize en masse in rebellion.

Poverty pits neighbor against neighbor in the competition for limited resources. Furthermore, race and social class become linked together and offered up as false proof that the oppressed groups are inherently inferior. Economic oppression also serves another key goal that helps perpetuate colonial rule: Stripping the underclass of access to capital or to the means of production, the ruling class ensures lack of access to…… [Read More].

Dances With Wolves From the. Dunbar is presented as a man that loves life and all the good things about it. He expresses a sentiment of extreme pride when he prefers to die rather than have his leg amputated.

Most people have returned to their homes after the war with the desire to have a normal life and a well-paid job. Dunbar, in contrast, chooses to remain in the military to protect an abandoned U. Total isolation does not seem strange to Dunbar and he immediately adapts to life in solitude, interacting only with Cisco, his horse, and Two Socks, his wolf. In spite of wanting to make a typical Western, Costner has added some special touches to the script which changed some patterns that normal Westerns had followed.

Frontier Myth the E-Frontier The. Such ads have become increasingly common within the last fifty or so years, as other elements of cultural life tell Americans that the western frontier is closed. Therefore, commercialism is playing off our yearning for a new frontier, one which we can still romanticize. The next step of the western frontier is through the World Wide Web.

As print advertising has moved into massive online advertising, the western romanticized image has also gone digital. The online world itself represents a new frontier to be conquered, both by capitalism and the individual consumer; "Like the western frontier, the e-frontier is vitally significant to American economic and strategies of interests that were manifested first in continental and now wired expansion;" McLure It embodies the feeling of discovering a whole new world, a whole new playing ground which is then to be settled and explored.

According to research, "the cyber frontier also…… [Read More]. The Evolution of a Narrative, is ultimately a story about a story. Tilton's study does not largely concern itself with the real life individual whom we have come to know as Pocahontas, nor the primary texts from the early seventeenth-century that documented the facts of her life as they originally occurred.

In addition, Tilton does not engage in pointed discussion about the principle players involved in the famous rescue of John Smith, such as, the Powhatan people or key members of the Virginia plantation. He also side-steps the question of the historical authenticity of the rescue story -- a story that largely came into doubt amongst nineteenth-century critics and writers from the northern states who struggled to weaken the power of the mythic narrative being exploited by southerners, around the time of the Civil War.

The story of Pocahontas, Tilton argues, has…… [Read More]. Expansion in View of Southern Politicians. The principle of manifest destiny could be invoked, whereby the people of those days had the power and duty "to overspread and to possess the whole of the Northern American continent, which Providence has given them for the development of the great experiment of liberty. Sullivan in , which maintained that it was the American nation's destiny as well as duty to conquer the West and to expand its limits "in the name of God, nature, civilization and progress.

American Foreign Policy in His. Proponents said that this opened new doors for trading to other countries. By acquiring lands from other places and even other countries, like Alaska which was bought from Russia, there will be more routes for trade and barter.

Also, those who want to live somewhere else for economic purposes and greener pasture were given the opportunity to do so. As it doubled the land area of the U. Some advocates said that not only did the movement increase the size of the country, expanding to other countries and not just states, but it also added to farm lands needed to produce products and poultry. Moreover, with the territorial expansion not only in Asia but also in Europe, more ports for trade were opened and all these added to the reserves of the country, thus, it brought about more wealth.

The gold rush of is one of the significant events in American history and this happened within the period where Manifest Destiny evolved. It paved the way for Americans to share their culture. When new territories were acquired, people who lived there were influenced with the way of life of Americans. With Manifest Destiny, American culture also expanded.

Americans are known to be lovers of individuality and freedom. These are just few of the good traits to learn from the American culture and given this chance, many people will benefit from this.

Believers asserted that this will be beneficial to the Indians and the people who were in the territories because they will learn about the democratic, religious and cultural ways of the Americans. It offered the chance for exploration. One of the benefits advocates for Manifest Destiny claimed was that Americans were given the chance to discover other places other than the community they grew up in. This was not only great for economic improvement but also for personal gain, spiritually, emotionally and socially.

By given the chance to be settlers, Americans were able to maximize their potential, discover new ways of living and learn to be innovative. As a whole, this was able to bring more benefits than drawbacks to the American people.

It brought about war and conflict. Opponents of Manifest Destiny argued that this philosophy resulted to war between countries and even the civil war. As early as , the U. It also gave a reason for the U. These are not the only conflicts that took place. Critics also said that it had other names and one was imperialism which led to the taking over of the United States on other countries like Guam, Philippines and Puerto Rico. It was a time of slavery.

One of the drawbacks of U. Although the Americans made a promise that they will not be taking the land of other people, like the Native Americans, without their consent and other than through peaceful means, history showed that this did not really happen. They believed that the land was rightfully theirs. They ignored the fact that the land was already occupied and began to move west. They did not recognize the Indians as people, they saw them as potential slaves, so they simply killed them and took their land.

Much of the land was bought from France in the Louisiana Purchase, but other lands such as Texas, California and Oregon was not theirs. Using both military strength and negotiations, the US was determined to fulfill their historic duty.

The main difference between the border issues of Oregon and Texas is the way these issues were settled. The Texas issue resulted in a war with Mexico, which gained land and lost soldiers. However, this did allow the US to gain more land than just Texas. The Oregon issue, on the other hand, was more peaceful. The US negotiated and made a treaty with Britain instead of going to war with them.

However, both these issues were different ways the US gained land and expanded their nation. Both Polk and Pierce studied law. Polk later became Governor of Tennessee. Polk, although unknown, linked the Texas and Oregon issues to gain favor in both the North and the South and become president. Pierce, on the other hand served in the Mexican War and was nominated for president in

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Here given is a great paper template, on the topic of Manifest Destiny and sectional discord, written from scratch. Use the examples to boost your skills. A Good Essay .

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Manifest Destiny Essay Manifest Destiny is a historic duty, in the 's the Americans believed that the manifest destiny of the United States was to expand to the pacific ocean. The United States started as costal colonies but eventually the fulfilled their manifest destiny .

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The Manifest Destiny was the name given by the aggressive Anglo-American expansion of the west. The advocates of the manifest destiny believed that white Americans were special people they believed it was God's will for Americans to populate the continent and spread Christianity/5(9). Using the sources given in class, write an argumentative essay. FOR or Against the Mexican American War. Your first paragraph should include a brief 2 sentence summary of how Manifest Destiny connects to the Mexican American war. Then state your opinion about why the war should or should not be fought (This is your THESIS statement).

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Their views on this term were different because some believed that the United States should expand from the Pacific to the Atlantic or the whole North American continent or the whole hemisphere. [tags: Manifest Destiny Essays] Better Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. The term manifest destiny was widely used and interpreted, but it always seemed to outline three basic themes. Those themes were virtue, mission, and destiny. Manifest destiny focused on virtue of America’s people and government.