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For example, to name a few, a child can learn about other religions or moral practices of his fellow students or he can learn the dressing habits or way of speaking of his fellow students. In this era of high competition among schools to gain popularity, this process will have impact on students as it will make them become more competent and will make them ready to sustain in the really challenging world.

On the contrary, teaching the children at home also has few advantages. Secondly, children can be taught in a more amicable way and will be more comfortable when they are accompanied by their family at home.

The dearest advantage of all discussed so far is, parents are no more required to worry about paying of high fees to schools. It is not required to pay heavy tuition fees, transport charges and purchase any of those school uniforms. Oct 12, Title by: Anonymous Why there is no title?

Because we want to choose a new,big,good title that no one else has writ it yet. Oct 14, Title by: Nov 26, Homeschooling Essay by: Anonymous Task response is very much straightforward from the beginning and illustrations are very logical. Feb 27, your essay by: Anonymous very good essay.

Feb 03, good by: Sep 30, Please check the following and help me correct my mistakes. Education is an enabler and every individual should have access to it. Whilst some people believe studying from home is beneficial, others have the opinion that formal schooling is essential for every child. It is certainly true that homeschooling saves lot of time and money.

To begin with, on an average 8 to 9 hours in a day are spent out of home for the purpose of schooling which includes the commutation time too.

The effective study time is not beyond 4 hours. A lot of time, for instance, is wasted in extracurricular activities like celebrations and picnics. Also, the schools today have become a business center where extremely high fee is charged. Management fee, annual fee, activity fee, infrastructure fee, tuition fee, lab fee etc. However there are other benefits for children and society. Firstly, the regimen of going to school develops a sense of discipline in them.

At school, also, a series of activities and events one after the other, period after period enables them to multitask as well as consolidate at the same time. Moreover, schooling helps children in making new friends.

As a result their maturity and confidence grows enabling a fulfilling life for them. Furthermore schooling provides a healthy competitive environment where children can analyze their strengths and shortcomings with respect to their peers.

To conclude, I believe that education is a must for all and attending schools is equally important. Schooling should be encouraged to make a liberal, open and better future for everyone. Jan 25, Home Schooling Essay by: Mariam Education is a vital element of children's development. Both choices have pros and cons, but in my opinion, attending public school is a better choice for a student then a homeschoolling.

On the one hand, benefits of homeschooling cannot be overlooked. Students have flexible timetable and individual approach taking into account special needs of a child. Parents or tutors can adjust method of delivering information and pay attention to topics that student cannot understand. Also, it is known that information obtained in quite environment without any pressure or noise is easy to understand and memorise. Moreover, children in homeschools will not have a bad experience of bulling and unhealthy competition.

However, human beings are social beings and children learn from peers and adult how to cope with the social issues. Modern educational curriculum pays lots of attention on developing social and emotional skills. Facing with good and bad examples of behavior children learn what is good and bad and this play crucual role in personal establishment.

Also, schools have facilities for extra activities such as sport and art that can help develop child's talents and interests. In addition, school friend are usually become longlife friends. As an illustration, my best friend is my school friend, i know her from preschool and for me she is like sister.

In conclusion, parents want to make the best choise for their children,and the method of eduction is the crutual one. Education is Bad Ideas: When Children Behave Badly Layout: Is Money a Good Motivator? Examples The Domino Effect: Older When Should People Retire? Animal Testing Animal Testing: No Should Parents Pay? Less Valuable Now Education: Too Many People with Degrees! Do Degrees Make Us Happy? Spending on Art Spending on Art: Telecommuting Who learns faster?

Home Schooling Should children be educated at home or in school? One on one tutoring allows a student to learn at a faster pace and get a stronger, well-rounded because of the accessible help they have from their parents. As a result, home-schooled students have higher grades and national test scores. Standardized testing around the United States have shown that home-schooled students have scored higher than the average student, as home-schooled kids score approximately 1.

A test of 12, American students also placed the home-schooled children sixty-second to ninety-first in the national norms of testing, proving that home-schooled children are not lagging in their education Lines By homeschooling, parents are able to help their child directly as they can choose curriculum to fit the child's needs as long as they meet the general education requirements.

Parents who choose home schooling often feel that a public school does not give a child appropriate religious or moral instruction that fits with their beliefs.

One example of this is the idea of the evolution of Earth: Others may believe in creationism- a belief that the universe was created by a supernatural being- instead of evolution, the belief that organisms change over a long period of time. If evolution is taught in a public school and the parents do not agree with the teachings, then it may cause problems as the child's education will not be supported by the parents.

Home schooling also allows a student to have a more flexible schedule for their schoolwork as students who attend a public or private school must stay at school for seven to eight hour block for five days a week. In addition, a student may be unable to study at the pace of an average school; a smart student may feel like he or she is held back teaching methods that may seem slow to them and a struggling student may feel rushed.

With homeschooling, a smart student can quicken his or her pace and choose a challenging curriculum that is not offered at a public or private school; a student struggling on a subject can work at his or her own pace to understand the subject fully. In addition, home-schooled children can even choose how many classes to take at once; they may choose to do one subject at a time or to do seven or eight classes at one time.

This flexibility allows a home-schooled student to strengthen his or her own education by allowing them to choose how to study for their own benefit. However, many critics note that many parents do not have the credentials to teach their children difficult subjects such as physics or calculus Rieland 6.

While it is true that many parents do not have teaching credentials and are usually not experts in difficult subjects, what critics forget to mention is that many home-schooled children use online tutors, correspondence courses, and dual-enrollment courses for their curriculum in addition to having parent assist the child if they are learning a difficult subject Lines A few examples of nationally accredited homeschooling programs that can be used for curriculum assistance include the Keystone School, Calvert School, and the Seton Home Study School Kennesaw State University Parents and students can choose online or correspondence courses if they have good computer skills in addition to reading and writing skills, where they will get full on attention with a licensed teacher or tutor who can help the student.

Allowing parents to supervise their children and to give them one on one tutoring will help the child understand the material far more than if the student had to learn it by themselves or in a class of twenty students and one teacher.

One common criticism about home schooling is that critics believe that the lack of socialization that can lead to an anti-social personality or an inability to work with others. Critics believe that since home-schooled children do not go out of the house for school, they may be socially inept as they go to college or the work world. What critics do not realize is that home-schooled a student can socialize in many different ways, including volunteer work, part time jobs, church activities, and sports.

In addition, a home-schooled student does not suffer from the common negative effects of public school socialization, such as emotion and physical bullying, teasing, and peer pressure.

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Homeschooling is not for everyone. As we shall see later, it has been found out that homeschooling has its pros and cons and demands a lot of courage and commitment to make things go through. Arguments Against Homeschooling. A parent may be having good quality education but may not be qualified to .

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Homeschooling Essay by: IELTS buddy In your essay you have too many ideas which are not supported with reasons or examples. You are better with fewer ideas that are fully explained. Make sure you .

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The following is an essay by homeschooled student Joy James Home schooling is becoming more and more popular in today’s society. Families choose to home school their children for a variety of reasons, including religious beliefs and a desire for their children to have a better education. Home Schooling Essay - Home Schooling Home schooling is defined by Miriam Webster’s online dictionary as “to teach school subjects to one’s children at home.” (Miriam Webster online dictionary). Home schooling is becoming an increasingly popular for parents.

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Homeschooling is an educational option that allows parents to teach their children at home instead of sending them to school. There are today a wealth of resources and opportunities available to homeschooling families, and in a landscape of increasing school choice homeschooling has become more and more accepted by the public at large. The roots of homeschooling in America go back centuries: home education in this country began with the 17th-century Pilgrims and Puritans, both of whom believed that educating children was the responsibility of the parent, whether personally or through a tutor or governess.