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How to Give a Written Analysis of a Genogram

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❶It was then discovered that my mother, my sister, my brother and I have the disorder as well.

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Family Genogram Docment Essay Sample
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Family Genogram and Analysis Paper Construct a three-generational genogram of your family of origin. Your assignment is composed of two parts: Genogram Make sure to include the following in your genogram: The delineation of family relationships close, overly close, conflictual, or cut off.

Information such as chronic or terminal illnesses, ethnic backgrounds, alcoholism, suicides, mental health issues, diversity and sociocultural factors, occupations, education, and career choices in your family history.

Information relevant to describe the family system, particularly information that helps the viewer better understand some of the prominent relationship delineations and dynamics in the family. Analysis Paper Complete the following in your analysis paper: Analyze your three-generational family genogram for intergenerational themes, relationship patterns, and life-cycle transitions. Ask yourself questions such as: What do these patterns mean in my family? How have these patterns made me who I am?

How do the themes or patterns identify my family? How have these patterns influenced change in my life? Reflect upon the career counseling readings so far in this course.

What elements inform the choices made by yourself and your family members about occupations, education, and career choices? Discuss strengths you are proud of that have been passed along.

Discuss patterns that may indicate clinical concerns. Comment on how your understanding of yourself from your genogram relates to your work as a family therapist or mental health counselor. Writing Style As this is a personal exploration of your family, it is preferred that you write in first person about your perspective and experiences in the family.

Introduce the reader to the general traits you will analyze in the following paragraphs. Write body paragraphs, with each paragraph focusing on a specific aspect of the genogram. For example, the relationship between fathers and daughters in a family may be one aspect of the genogram you want to discuss.

Another example would be the overall health of all the women in the family. Each paragraph should be introduced with a topic sentence that introduces your reader to the topic under discussion. Write a conclusion that reviews all of the main topics you discussed in the body of the analysis.

This last paragraph should take a step back and look at the overall trends or developments of the genogram. Note down any major connections concerning the family tree. Sarah Vrba has been a writer and editor since She has contributed to "Seed," "AND Magazine," Care2 Causes and " Magazine," among other outlets, focusing on fashion, pop culture, style and identity.

Vrba holds an M.

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PSYC HG&D Genogram Paper Upon reviewing my family history for this project, I discovered many shared characteristics as a result of both nature and nurture.

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Family Subsystem Genograms Paper Words | 12 Pages. Family Genogram Project Liberty University Family Genogram Project The purpose of a student construing a genogram is to help a student gain an understanding of his/her family background. By gaining knowledge of one family it can help the student assist other understand how .

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The Genogram paper is not a family history but rather is characterized by discussion and analysis of dynamics within the student’s family. This paper is largely an interpretive analysis of the one-page genogram drawing and should include information and history only as is helpful in demonstrating the underlying feelings, motivations, and. Genogram Family Analysis. When I take a look at my family genogram it is really amazing how much was known on my Dads side of the family and how little is known about my mothers side of the family. Extracts from this document.

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Family Genogram Docment Essay Sample. Introduction After full length research and discussions with my relatives, I found out that we all shared certain similar characteristics. Wilkinson Paige Wilkinson dommonet.tkon Individual and Family Relationships 18 June Genogram Paper: The Gene¶s That Govern My Growth At young 5/5(1).