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Digestive system homework help

digestion homework help

❶Any food that the body doesn't need or can't use is sent to the large intestine and later leaves the body as waste. Liver and gall bladder:

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Anatomy of digestive system
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The undigested food was passed to the colon, then rectum both are part of large intestine. Colon will absorb water. Rectum will store the remaining. From rectum, the faeces will be passed out through rectum when you are going to toilet. If there is excess, Islets of Langerhans will release hormones called insulin which converts them into glycogen as a storage. If there is shortage, Islets of Langerhans will release hormones called glucagon which will break glycogen to glucose.

The amino acids will be used accordingly for growth, repairing worn-out cells, etc. The excess will be broken down in liver as glucose and nitrogen.

This nitrogen is then reacting with carbon dioxide and other waste products to form ammonia. Then, ammonia is passed away as the 'blue flame' or what you called as 'fart'. I forgot the name. The cause is too much of seeds from chilly and other fruits stuck in appendix. To prevent, simply remove seeds from chilly, tomato, etc. The medical cure is by surgery in which the appendix is cut. Mouth- mechanical digestion and chemical digestion through the use of amylase starch enzyme Esophogus-peristalses to push food into stomach Stomach-churning of food and pepsin to break down proteins pancreas- provides enzymes to break down food in sm.

Intestine Sm Int-has villi to increase surface area it also breaks down proteins, starches, and fats large intestine- absorption of water mineral and vitamins liver-bile production Gall Bladder- storing of bile and secretion of bile into the sm intestine Basically all this is to increase surface area to better absorption of materials into the body.

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This is a long coil like organ that helps in the absorption of nutrients. Liver produces bile and gall bladder stores bile, so that it can be reused in digestion.

This organ also secretes enzymes that are released into the small intestine and helps in digestion. This is the part, where the digestion process completes. Water is absorbed from the food and a little nutrient extraction is also done. The rest of the food exits from the body as waste, in faecal form.

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Apr 13,  · With digestion homework help we can get you the concept of digestion cleared. Digestion is the process where the food you eat passes through your body and is directed towards the parts that help in providing energy or building new cellular material, such as muscle or fat/5().

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More Homework Help – Human Body. The Digestive System breaks down food into smaller pieces so it can be absorbed into the blood stream and carried to the body’s cells which use it to make energy. Organs of the Digestive System include the esophagus, stomach, pancreas & small intestine.

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The digestive system can be hard to learn about because of the confusing terms dealing with different parts of the system as well as everything that aids in digestion. Here are some helpful digestive system terms for kids that will help make learning about the digestive system fun and interesting. There are many organs and structures that make up the Digestive system and these organs or parts have key functions or roles to play which could include one or. Skip to content. SchoolWorkHelper. Your online site for school work help and homework help. Science, English, History, Civics, Art, Business, Law, Geography, all free! Science; English.

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Digestion Homework Help. Essay and Resume Service provides professional writing services for students, executive, management and entry level positions in USA,CA,GB. Digestion Homework Help digestion homework help Stop Just Treating Your Digestive Symptoms. Start Treating the an online tutor and get the help you dommonet.tks need food for energy and .