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Paper Towns Part 2: Chapters 5-8 Summary & Analysis

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❶Margo tries to seem unaffected when she talks with Quentin about her relationship with her parents, but she betrays her frustration and disappointment with their superficial fear of embarrassment.

Paper Towns

Part Two, Chapters 10-13
Prologue, Part One: The Strings, Chapters 1-2 Summary
A study guide for the novel by John Green; Paper Towns

A few minutes after arriving at school, a boy wearing a ski mask and carrying a squirt gun runs past the band room where Quentin and his friends gather every morning. The boy in the ski mask knocks Quentin down and drenches two freshmen boys with his squirt gun. The drenched boys shout that the squirt gun was filled with urine, not water. Just as Margo constructed a persona to fulfill the archetype of the thrill-seeking cool girl, the students at Winter Park seem determined to style themselves as stereotypes: They are paper people, as Margo says: Quentin assures the students who have been wronged that he will handle the situation.

When he gets home in the afternoon, he uses a fake email address to write an anonymous message to Jase. In his response, Jase tells Quentin that he knows who he is, and tries to shirk responsibility for the destroyed bikes, harassment, and squirt guns filled with urine.

Quentin stands his ground, however, and he ends the email exchange certain that Jase and the other popular students will not cause any more trouble in the future. Though Jase seems like a daunting opponent, with his money and social capital, he gives in quickly when Quentin confronts him. Although tormenting their peers may seem like a way for the popular kids to solidify their dominance, it seems here that their basic desire is to be led, rather than to lead.

Jase is willing to take orders from Quentin, now that Quentin feels assertive enough to make them, and the other popular kids will listen to Jase when he orders them to rein in their pranks. Chuck apologizes for crushing the bikes and ordering the urine squirt gun attack on the freshmen. He lives next door to Margo Roth Spiegelman, who he is deeply in love with. They became neighbours when they were two years old. When they were nine, they were hanging out in the park, and Margo pointed out to something near the oak tree.

It was a dead body, encircled by blood. Quentin took two small steps backward because he was afraid that the dead man might wake up and attack him. However, on the other hand, Margo took two small steps forward, observing the dead body.

Quentin urgedMargo to step back and go home to tell their parents. Margo told Quentin that she did an investigation about the dead man. His name was RobertJoyner, who was thirty-six years old and a lawyer. She told Quentin that he killed himself with a gunbecause he was getting a divorce and was sad about it. Quentin is a senior at high school living at Jefferson Street.

His neighbour is Margo and he is madly in love with her since he was nine. The time for prom comes and his friends, Ben and Radar are both looking for prom dates. Ben asks Cassie Hiney, but she rejects him because she already had a date. Ben is just left alone with Quentin. At school, Quentin always looks at Margo whenever she appears. One day, he looked at her smiling in front of her boyfriend, Jase. The only thing Quentin is able to do is just look at her until he loses her sight.

That night, Quentin goes home with his usual routine. Then, when he is about to sleep, he sees Margo in front of his window, just like when they were nine. Quentin opens the door and asks why she is there but all she says is that she needs a ride with his car. Her face is covered with black paint. Suddenly, her father calls her up from the ground, shouting her to come down.

She tells his father that she is just chatting with Quentin but her dad notices the black paints in her face. She goes back out the window but in a few minutes comes back. She asks for a ride and Quentin accepts her offer with a little doubt. But because he loves her, he follows her. She tells him that she has eleven missions to accomplish that school night.

Quentin is a little afraid that it might be a felony to follow her doing mysterious stuff, but he believes in her. The fourth mission is to get his clothes in case he tries to sneak back into her house. He is able to continue the journey and follow Margo. Margo and Quentin continues to travel in the dawn. They break in to his room and put Veet on his right eyebrow. They are entertained by the fact that if he will shave the other side or color in the left side.

After the success of the mission, they are headed to the Orlando City skyscraper. Quentin and Margo head to Sea World for the last mission. Her face paint, the suddenness of her appearance, and her quip about her agenda for the night give this moment an air of performance, and make it clear that she wants to make a certain impression on Quentin. Margo tries to deflect her father with jokes, but eventually she disappears out the window with a promise to Quentin that she will be back in a minute.

His hostility and her disregard for him are early signs of the strained relationship between Margo and her parents. Waiting for Margo to return, Quentin collects his car keys. When Margo returns, Quentin is still hesitant to go with her. She appeals to their friendship, and when he insists that they are neighbors, not friends, she gets frustrated and reveals that she has been subtly looking out for him throughout high school, ordering other popular students not to bully Quentin and his friends.

Finally, she tells him that they have to go, and he follows her. She seems genuinely to want and need his companionship. She describes the extreme measures they have taken to prevent her from leaving the house at night, putting a baby monitor in her room so they can hear her sleep breathing.

She was only able to sneak out because she paid her little sister, Ruthie , to sleep in her bed. Margo tries to seem unaffected when she talks with Quentin about her relationship with her parents, but she betrays her frustration and disappointment with their superficial fear of embarrassment.

Quentin asks Margo where they are going. She tells him that their first stop is the grocery store Publix, and that their next stop will be Wal-Mart.

Part Two: The Grass, Chapters 1-4

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Through the window, Margo Roth Spiegelman tells Quentin that she needs eleven things tonight "and at least five of them involve a getaway man" ().

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