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American Studies/Charles Manson term paper 1074

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❶She had one sister, a mother, and their father was an insurance agent.

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Charles Manson was a brainwasher. He brought people into his twisted world and made them do the dirty work for him. Manson thought that he was God, and thought that he was everywhere Jones1. He has referred to himself as God in many different interviews that he has taken. Since he was so overpowering to others, most people he came in contact with did whatever he said.

People remember Manson and his crimes because of his interpretations on certain things. Manson had a very odd interpretation of some Beatles songs. Many of these songs came off of the Beatles' White Album.

In one Beatles song, "Helter Skelter," Manson believed that the Beatles were telling him that a race war was going to occur. In this war, blacks and whites would fight and the blacks would come out victorious Influence1. He was also told that he would have to take over control after the war ended. He had one other interpretation, which was in the Book of Revelation in the Bible.

In this chapter, he saw the same type of message about a racial war and the end of the world. He believed that he must kill a high-ranking person in order to start the final phase of the war that was talked about in several different books Family1. In order for Manson to carry out his mission, he had to recruit some people. After he was released from jail for some petty offenses, he moved to San Francisco and started preaching to people what he thought was going to happen.

At times he had up to fifty followers, most of them being female. Many of these people said that it was amazing the kind of mind control he had over them. He and a few of his followers, now called The Family, moved into an old movie stage called the Spahn Ranch. They stayed there for free after Manson talked to the owner of the set, George Spahn.

They made some deals so that Manson and his "family" could stay there. At the Spahn Ranch, "the family" grew very close and they began to trust Manson with everything he said. All of the people there were hippies, so they experimented with many different things, such as drugs and communal sex while they stayed at the ranch.

On August 8, , Manson decided that it was the day to move into action. He and a few members of his "family" raided the residence of Roman Polanski, a movie director. At his residence, the "Manson Family" killed five, including actress Sharon Tate, who was pregnant at the time, and Abigal Folger, the heiress to the Folger's Coffee company. The next night they killed Leo and Rosemary LaBianca. Because of the way that these murders were committed, many people still remember the gruesome details. Susan Atkins, one of the Manson members, killed Sharon Tate, drank her blood, and thought about cutting Sharon's baby out of her womb and bringing it to Manson.

She said that he would have been very proud of her for doing that. This shows that he had total control over all of his member and that they worshiped him like a god Five Dead1. Manson felt as if he was not going to be caught for the crimes that his group had committed.

Later that year, some of his followers were arrested for unrelated crimes. While Susan Atkins was in jail, she confessed to the murders. She also told the police all of the other people who were involved in the killings, including Manson Charles1. Manson and three other members were convicted of the murders and sentenced to death, but it was over-ruled in They are now serving life sentences for their roles in the murders.

Manson is eligible for parole, but he has been denied his release eleven times. He has been denied so many times because many people still think that he is crazy. He still has a major influence on many people around him, including the remaining family members. Why is Charles Manson is still so well known many years after the crimes were committed?

Some of the reasons include the time that he lived in and the ways that he controlled others to do what he want them to do. The Family tended to hang around the Spahn Ranch, where they used to make old western movies. The ranch is desolate, located 25 miles from downtown LA, with piles of huge red rocks and dark greenery Klinghoffer 1. In this isolation, with no access to newspapers or even clocks, the Family listened to Charlie speak on theories such as Buddhism, the Beatles, Scientology, and Adolf Hitler whom Manson refers to as "a tuned in guy" Klinghoffer 1.

Regarding himself as Jesus Christ reincarnated, he promised to lead the drug induced teens to a hold out in Death Valley through which they would "all descend to live with a secret underground civilization Klinghoffer 1. There were as many as 50 people in the Family at a time, but these nine and Manson remained constant. These were also the ones who did the killing. When Manson met with his followers, he would sometimes sit on a rock and preach to them, acting as their God.

He would tell them that the reason they were at this ranch jam-packed with stolen goods was to prepare them for Helter Skelter, the nuclear and race wars Manson predicted "Charlie" 1. An excerpt from the lyrics of this song are: It started as a quiet evening at Cielo Drive. Sharon Tate, a beautiful actress, was having some friends over at the home of her husband, Roman Polanski.

It was August 9, a cool Saturday night, and Tate invited Abigail Folger, the coffee heiress, her boyfriend Voytek Frykowski, and the internationally known hair stylist Jay Sebring for a visit Bardsley 1.

The house was deliberately secluded, and there was a gate inhabited by an able- bodied caretaker named William Garretson Sanders What the neighbors were not aware of was that Tate and the guests of the magnificent house were brutally murdered. The first officers who arrived at the crime scene found Steven Parent in his car outside the house.

He had been shot four times and stabbed once Fillmer 1. Folger and Frykowski were found on the back lawn of the Polanski estate Fillmer 1. Upon entering the house, the word "PIG" was printed on the door Fillmer 2. Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring were found inside the house tied together by a rope around their necks, which was hung over a rafter in the ceiling. Sharon, eight months pregnant at the time, died from sixteen stab wounds to the chest and back.

Jay had been stabbed seven times and shot once.

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Charles Manson was very persuasive but also very much deranged. His claim to fame was that he was able to seduce many women and control them just.

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Charles Manson is known as one of the most sinister and evil criminals of all time. He organized the murders that shocked the world and his name still strikes. Charles Manson: Serial Murderer and Cult Figure Essay - Charles Manson: Serial Murderer and Cult Figure Charles Manson is known as one of the most sinister and evil criminals of all time. He organized the murders that shocked the world and his name still strikes fear into American hearts.

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Charles Manson is known as one of the most sinister and evil criminals of all time. He organized the murders that shocked the world and 5/5(1). Serial Killer: The Killer that Never Killed. Charles Manson is a name that most of us have heard of. It was Manson who, in the s, led a group of people into a killing spree that left several people dead.