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Antibiotic Resistance Essays (Examples)

Antibiotic Resistance Essay Sample

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In nine pages the resistance of antibiotics to bacteria is examined with the inclusion of discussions on overprescribing antibioti In an overview consisting of eight pages the resistance in bacteria to antibiotics and a landfill where this occurs are discussed In five pages the resistance to bacteria as a result of so called 'quick fixes' are discussed in terms of how eventually antibioti In five pages this paper discusses how antibiotics affects the growth of bacteria.

Five sources are cited in the bibliography New to eCheat Create an Account! Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria For over 50 years, antibiotics have been the answer to many bacterial infections.

Professionally written essays on this topic: Antibiotics and Bacterial Resistance In nine pages the resistance of antibiotics to bacteria is examined with the inclusion of discussions on overprescribing antibioti History, Etiology, and Treatment of Antibiotic Resistance could be used therapeutically both in the treatment of his own diseases and in those of the plants and animals he found important Occurrence and Evolution of Bacteria That is Antibiotic Resistant In an overview consisting of eight pages the resistance in bacteria to antibiotics and a landfill where this occurs are discussed Resistance to Antibiotics In five pages the resistance to bacteria as a result of so called 'quick fixes' are discussed in terms of how eventually antibioti The Issue of Resistance to Antibiotics organisms first, there is the potential for allowing the colonization and reproduction of highly virulent strains of bacteria resi Super Germs That Resist Antibiotics period, penicillin resistance rose from Antibiotics and Anthrax the two types being examine: Growth of Bacteria and the Impact of Antibiotics In five pages this paper discusses how antibiotics affects the growth of bacteria.

While this is the case, there are bacteria, which are naturally resistant to specific types of antibiotics. Other common ways of acquiring this resistance is through genetic mutation and acquisition of resistance from other bacterium. We are punctual in delivering essay-writing services to our customers all over the world. When you contact us for assignment solutions, we adhere to your deadline and engage every gear to deliver completed papers way before the deadline.

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Types of essays to buy from custom essay writing services. Community environment have also shown signs of bacterial infections that created resistance to antibiotics.

Until , streptomycin antibiotic was routinely used to treat patients with tuberculosis Gillespie Drug resistance developed because Mycobacterium tuberculosis was continuously exposed to a single drug, overcoming the power of the streptomycin. Gillespie studies showed that a combination of isoniazid, pyrazinamide, rifampin and ethambutol drugs were able to control and prevent tuberculosis from expanding Gillespie Hence, antibiotic-resistant pathogens have become a major concern not only in the healthcare facility, but also in community settings Tomasz Mortality rate Mortality and morbidity rate are escalating due to the prevalence of antibiotic resistance in intensive care units patients Hanberger et al.

Non resistant strains are nonpathogenic, while antibiotic resistant strains are pathogenic, leading to an increase death rate Hanberger et al. In the US, about 2 million people develop bacterial infections from through that were resistant to more than one antibiotic, resulting to an estimated 99, deaths Kallen et al. In , the EU had nearly 2 million people with acquired nosocomial infections that lead to , deaths. In the EU, the segregation of vulnerable patients within the same area increase the probability for the resistant strains to pass from one person to another more than in US, because EU does not have efficient preventive measure to minimize the spread of nosocomial infections Guggenbichler et al.

Studies in Estonia showed that patients with tuberculosis are more compromised if MDR strains are present Blondal et al. Despite the fact that MDR is curable, its treatment depends upon extensive chemotherapy that is exceptionally costly for low income nations. Efforts to prevent the spread of the infection highly depend on the socioeconomic status of the country Olson et al. Implementation of new programs, effective screening tests, and efficient therapy options assist reducing the mortality rates in U.

Non- American populations infected with TB have a higher mortality rate due to the decline of resources for TB control and due to overpopulated environments such as hospitals, prisons, and homeless shelters Keshavjee et al. Maintaining the low mortality of TB in the U. Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus VRE infections are also emerging as serious health risks. Nonetheless, some authorities are more skeptical and tend to admit that patients might have other medical conditions that could lead to the increase of mortality and not necessarily attribute to VRE infections Cho et al.

Several drugs have been used effectively against VRE, but its mortality rate Table 1 still spiked Cho et al. According to Table 1, VRE is the fourth most common antibiotic resistant pathogen with the highest expected annual causes in the US and the third most common with the highest annual deaths. Table 1 — Comparison of annual antibiotic resistant infections with annual deaths in U.

S patients due to several types of bacteria most data condensed from text in Frieden Antibiotic resistance is a financial burden on the healthcare system. Physicians are obligated to treat individual patients with the most effective drugs for an infection.

Health care institutions believe that hospital expenses is a form of reimbursing physicians for their service to the society Roberts et al. Patients, on the other hand, demand a better healthcare service, better quality of life for them and for those around them Roberts et al.

Antibiotics for bacterial infections are costly, and sometimes hospitalization is required until the infection is cleared, further raising costs Roberts et al.

Currently, several elements have played a vital role in the cost of controlling infection. Not only are novel antibiotics needed, but surveillance within each hospital must be augmented Slama Hospital administration plays a vital role on controlling resistant pathogens, as well as enforcing rules to limit resistant strains from spreading.

Hospitals or medical centers can only initiate surveillance programs or policy changes to improve infection control if there is financial support. Without financial support, resistant pathogens will continue to develop and spread, and the quality of health care worldwide will be drastically affected Slama Are we in the post-antibiotic Era?

Archives of Medical Research 36 6: The application of molecular techniques to the study of hospital infection. Clin Microbiol Rev 19 3: The tragedy of the commons in antimicrobial chemotherapy. Revista Espanola de Quimioterapia. Overall and cause-specific mortality among patients with tuberculosis and multidrug resistant tuberculosis. Int J Tuber Lung Dis 17 7: Clin Microbiol Rev 13 4: Impact of vancomycin resistance on mortality in neutropenia patients with enterococcal bloodstream infection: BMC Infect Dis Preventing Health Care-Associated Infections.

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Keywords: antibiotic resistance essay, antibiotic resistance mechanism A challenge for modern medicine Antibiotic resistance is a serious matter which .

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A. General problem of antibiotic resistance to medicine. 1. Statistics. Antibiotics are chemical substances utilize to prevent and treat infections caused by microorganisms, .

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The phenomenon of antibiotic resistance, only now in the world spotlight, has been present since the beginning of time. The increase in antibiotic resistance can be attributed to sociological, ecological, and genetic factors. These include overuse, random mutation, horizontal gene transfer, and selective pressure/5(11). Antibiotics use to be the talk of the medical world just fifty years go, now the talk is about trying to find a better antibiotic than the ones they came up with less than a five decades ago. Antibiotic Resistance has taking the world by storm.

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Jul 30,  · (WHO), antibiotic resistance is one of the world’s greatest health threats to date (Haddox, ). In the article, The Health Threat of Antibiotic Resistance, Gail Haddox () discusses the danger antibiotic resistance poses in today’s society and strategies to prevent the expansion of antibiotic resistance. Essay on Micro-Organisms and Antibiotic Resistance. suffering is the antibiotic resistance between microorganisms. Antibiotics are medicines used to kill or slow down the growth of bacteria that causes infectious diseases (Department of Health, ).