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George Eliot

❶One must beware of condemning Godfrey, however, because the author herself does not. In simplest terms, the gold isolated Silas, whereas Eppie brings him into cordial contact with the community.

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She knows what her father wants to hear: She believes has no choice: Although Shakespeare wrote his famous romantic play during the 16th century, the types of attitudes he portrays as existing…… [Read More]. Metonymics in Little Dorit Metonymy. One cannot build the right sort of house -- the houses are not really adequate, "Blinds, shutter, curtains, awnings, were all closed and drawn to keep out the star.

Grant it but a chink or keyhole, and it shot in like a white-hot arrow. The inside, but for some reason, it is also the authority involved, and one that is able to ensure adequacy.

In a similar vein, the "churches were freest from it," but they offer only an homage' to safety, and use their power to shut people out from the light that "made the eyes ache" and had been inhumanly oppressive. The prison, though, is "so repulsive a place that even the obtrusive star blinked at it and left it to such refuse of reflected light as could find. Realism of George Eliot George. From these examples there is a varied sense of the realism of Eliot in both her prose and her poems.

The realism of Eliot demonstrates a reflection of the era. The naturalist and realism movements were ingrained in the Victorian 19th century and yet the descriptive nature of Eliot's works make them in many ways timeless. Marner believes God will reveal his innocence, but when the church draws lots to make a decision and declare him guilty, he loses his faith in God, and wants to escpae and hide even from it.

Instead of this, the author presents certain aspects of religion that she believes are prone to creating uncertainty and confusion.

Silas Marner states that how one treats others is more important that the religion one follows or if one believes in God. Eliot is very careful to never attack the existence of God, even when Silas feels betrayed, he keeps his faith in the existence of God, but he believes that there is no just God that governs the earth righteously but a God of lies.

Because it is not only that Silas lives isolated, but there is something definitely wrong with the country folks themselves, their ignorance and nastiness. Therefore what narrator is doing is implicitly making a distinction between the true and false religion, according to the main character and the society.

The fifteen years of isolation and after that the discovery of the little girl Eppie whom Silas raises with the love and care makes him rediscover an interest in human connection. What is more important is that Silas regains his faith and this time probably stronger than before. It is Eppie who is a gift to Silas and her love and care a reminder that he should again believe in life and living.

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Silas Marner

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Silas Marner study guide contains a biography of George Eliot, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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Essays and criticism on George Eliot's Silas Marner - Critical Essays.

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- The Changes in Silas Marner by George Elliot In order to answer this question we must first look at what changes do actually occur; firstly there is the main change in the book, which is the change that occurs in Silas Marner himself. Silas Marner and William Dane believed in exactly the same religion in the community of Lantern Yard. However, Dane’s interpretation of his ‘Assurance of Salvation’, led him to abdicate any moral qualities or responsibility from his life.

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