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Charlie Chaplin

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Charlie Chaplins Modern Times Essay Sample

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Charlie Chaplin
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Charlie Chaplin essays The most successful comedian of all time went by the name of Charlie Chaplin. It was said by many that Charlie Chaplin was the creator of comedy, while others considered him a genius.

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- Charlie Chaplin “It is absolutely no exaggeration to say that for the greatest part of this century Charlie Chaplin was the most recognizable human being on the planet,” (Burr, 20). Chaplin did everything in show business; he was an actor, director, screenwriter, producer and composer, (Reader‘s Companion ).

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His third child, Sydney Earle Chaplin, he was born on March 30, , he has also worked with his father (Charlie Chaplin) in one movie. His fourth child, Geraldine Chaplin Leigh, she was born on August 1, , she is also known in many movies. Chaplin also composed background music for most of his films. Charlie Chaplin had a great impact on the twentieth century and movies in general. From his production of films, to his writing and acting, to his directing, Charlie changed peoples' idea of a .

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Charlie Chaplin is an actor, producer, and director that has changed the way of movie production through his challenging ideas and use of interesting angles. Chaplin’s ideas were very interesting and gained many viewers from around the globe. charlie chaplin essay INTRODUCTION When I decided to do my research on Charlie Chaplin, I thought that it would have been quite straightforward; my plan was to introduce his life and his career, finishing off with his accomplishments.