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Beowulf: Essay Topics

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DevLearn11 is an academic resource meant to help college and graduate students write better research papers. Dev Learn11 Research paper writing advice from experts. Beowulf Research Paper Highlights: Commonly Discussed Angles Beowulf is often classified as a story emerging from many years ago, retold and passed on through the ages. Here are some common angles to discuss in your paper: A guiding principal of loyalty. Beowulf is a warrior. He is well known and has a great reputation in his home country of Geatland.

In four pages this paper contrasts and compares these two epics in a consideration of how in each revenge is a legal and culturall The writer briefly argues why Beowulf should be considered an epic hero. Bibliography lists 3 sources In three pages this paper discusses the major epic characteristics featured in the classic anonymously written The difficulties Europe had to change from a pagan to Christian culture during the eleventh and twelfth centuries are explored wit This research paper discusses the Anglo-Saxon, Old English epic Beowulf and what this tenth century poet relates about the values In a paper of five pages, the writer looks at Beowulf.

The scholarly translation of Heaney is contrasted with the poetic translati In a paper of six pages, the writer looks at Beowulf. Answers to discussion questions reveal the primacy of both Christian and Pag In a paper of three pages, the writer looks at Beowulf in the context of being a myth.

An analysis points out the use of allegory In a paper of three pages, the writer looks at the themes of Beowulf. The interrelation of themes and perspective is emphasized. This essay pertains to the epics of Gilgamesh and Beowulf and their respective life journeys to maturity.

Seven pages in length, s This 5 page paper gives an explanation of how evil is used in the works Beowulf and Dante's Inferno. This paper includes compariso In seven pages this paper examines the s Harlem Renaissance in an overview of how it was influenced by white literary movement How does this structure relate to the theme or themes of the work as a whole? One can argue that this structure relates to the theme of the epic in that each monster presents a specific moral challenge against which the Anglo-Saxon heroic code can be measured and tested.

Though he recognizes that his time has come and that he will thus not survive his clash with the dragon, he bravely embraces his duty to protect his people, sacrificing his life to save them. Along these lines, the gap of fifty years between the first two conflicts and the last marks the dividing line.

One of the main thematic points highlighted by such a division is the difference in responsibilities of the warrior and of the king. As a young warrior, Beowulf is free to travel afar to protect others, but as an old king, he must commit himself to guard his own people. Additionally, whereas Beowulf focuses on the heroic life early on, seeking to make a name for himself, he must focus on fate and the maintenance of his reputation late in life. Beowulf is set in a male-dominated world full of violence and danger.

What role does patriarchal history play in this world?

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The research essay topics in this lesson will give your students an opportunity to go beyond the journey and delve into the context of the culture, values, and time period of this poem. The Author of Beowulf. Although many theories exist, not much is known about the author of Beowulf. Using reliable sources of information, research what scholars .

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Beowulf is loosely divided into three parts, each of which centers around Beowulf’s fight with a particular monster: first Grendel, then Grendel’s mother, then the dragon. One can argue that this structure relates to the theme of the epic in that each monster presents a specific moral challenge against which the Anglo-Saxon heroic code can be measured .

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Beowulf is one of the most studied early works of literature. Along with its epic tale and complex poetic structure, like many great works of literature, it . This is a controversial topic, and it should prove fertile ground for you to write your Beowulf essay. Here is a sample thesis: Beowulf's decision to fight the dragon himself .

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1. Despite the fact that Beowulf is a boastful and confident young man, he has a history of keeping his promises. Discuss how this is evidenced in this section of the poem. 2. . Beowulf Research Papers Beowulf research papers trace the hero of the eighth century epic poem, and the story follows his adventures as both a young man and older man in order show the hero through his life, recounting his great deeds.