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Exterminate All the Brutes Summary

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Exterminate All the Brutes

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In this work, Lindqvist uses Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness as a point of departure for a haunting tour through the colonial past, retracing the steps of Europeans in Africa from the late eighteenth century onward and thus exposing the roots of genocide via his own journey through the Saharan desert. The full text of Terra Nullius is also included, for which Lindqvist traveled 7, miles through Australia in search of the lands the British had claimed as their own because it was inhabited by "lower races," the native Aborigines—nearly nine-tenths of whom were annihilated by whites.

Nathaniel Long Reynolds Language: Cory Bennett Harris Language: Xlibris Corporation Format Available: Is Islamic civilization violent? Many in the West believe that Islam and Muslims are indeed violent. In the Muslim world, this question itself implies Western prejudice.

The reader is introduced to a painting of Kurtz's, depicting a blindfolded woman bearing a torch against a nearly black background, and clearly symbolic of his former views.

Kurtz is also the author of a pamphlet regarding the civilization of the natives. The presence of his admirer, the Russian "Harlequin", and what he reveals about Kurtz in his adulatory descriptions of him raises questions about Kurtz's actual beliefs and the sincerity of his progressive views. However, over the course of his stay in Africa, Kurtz becomes corrupted.

He takes his pamphlet and scribbles in, at the very end, the words "Exterminate all the brutes! By the time Marlow, the protagonist, sees Kurtz, he is ill with jungle fever and almost dead.

Marlow seizes Kurtz and endeavors to take him back down the river in his steamboat. Kurtz dies on the boat with the last words, "The horror! At first he wanted to bring civilization to the natives, as his painting shows, but in the end he changed to wanting to "exterminate all the brutes! Kurtz's persona is generally understood to derive from the notoriously brutal history of the so-called " Congo Free State ", which was later taken over by Belgium and became a Belgian colony in Hochschild and other authors have also suggested that the fate of the disastrous "rear column" of the Emin Pasha Relief Expedition on the Congo may have also been an influence.

Column leader Edmund Musgrave Barttelot , "went mad, began hitting, whipping, and killing people, and was finally murdered". Bloom notes that Kurtz's sophisticated brutality is closer to that of Barttelot's associate slave trader Tippu Tip. The expedition's overall leader, Henry Morton Stanley , the principal figure involved in preparing the Congo for Leopold's rule, may also have been an influence.

A personal acquaintance of Conrad's, Georges Antoine Klein, may also have been a real-life basis for the character. Further, "Klein" means "little" in German, and as Marlow muses in the novella, "Kurtz" means "short" in the same language. All three texts contain megalomaniacs who manipulate their circumstances and remote settings to assert power over others.

It is widely believed that Conrad drew influence from these characters, as well as Stevenson's plot lines, when writing Heart of Darkness.

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“Exterminate All the Brutes” is a searching examination of Europe’s dark history in Africa and the origins of genocide.

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Free Download "Exterminate All The Brutes": One Man's Odyssey Into The Heart Of Darkness And The Origins Of European Genocide Book Read online "Exterminate All The Brutes": One Man's Odyssey Into The Heart Of Darkness And The Origins Of.

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In EXTERMINATE ALL THE BRUTES, Sven Lindqvist presents a haunting mixture of travelogue, literary interpretation, and historical analysis, the purpose of which is to expose the roots of twentieth century holocaust in the ideology and practices of nineteenth century colonialism. Format Available: PDF, ePub, Mobi Total Read: 12 Total Download: File Size: 40,5 Mb. Description: Exterminate All the Brutes is a unique study of Europe's dark history in Africa, written both in the form of a travel diary and as a historical examination of European imperialism and racism over the past two centuries.

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Exterminate All the Brutes Desert Divers Lindqvist presents a unique study of Europe s dark history in Africa written both as a travel diary and as a historical. Thinking of creating a website? Google Sites is a free and easy way to create and share webpages.