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Research paper topic is on Buddhism does anyone have any suggestions...?

Zen Buddhism

❶Compare and contrast one of Eisai's trips to China from the s and Zenji's trip to China in the s, and discuss the decision of both men to go to China to learn true Buddhism due to disenchantment with the religion in Japan.

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Year Expiration Year is required. Zip Code Zip code is required. Try clearing your browser's cookies. January in Buddhism Basics. And what is the Buddhist way to deal with them?

I've heard there is a system of structure debate in the Tibetan tradition, anyone know about that? January edited January The Buddha was wise and said that if monks want to adopt these practices they can, but they are not forced to. My teacher said Buddhism has everything for everybody. Each of us picks the part that suits us best. The controversial debates are for our ego, we want to be right or we want to make sure that we are right so we must beat the other guys.

But there are no right or wrong in Buddhism. We can argue each other until we are blue in the face but we wouldn't achieve anything. Like I am vegetarian but I know it's not a perfect system because of the sprays that kill millions of insects on the vegetables. So even eating vegetables can't avoid killings. I just do the best I can giving my cirscumstance.

My teacher told us to never look at other people faults, never criticize anybody. It makes sense to me because I already have a hard time to take care of my thoughts and behaviours, how can I find time to think of other people's right or wrong? David some guy Veteran. The doctrine of emptiness vs. Not compatible as emptiness implies potential for change whereas nothingness implies, well I like what cvalue advised.

For me the most controversial subject is should I practice Buddhism or tell others where they are going right. There are certain people who are controversial. Trungpa Rinpoche is a controversy magnet.

The mere mention of his name online seems to bring out the worst. Michael Roach has his share. I find the subjects which bring up the most controversy and heated debate are not necessarily in this order: Abortion - rights and wrongs. Killing in self-defence Vegetarianism. On a lesser scale: That word 'suffering' causes a whole lot of it. And the fifth precept. In one page this research paper defines the Zen Buddhist concept satori as heightened enlightenment comprehension.

This paper contrasts and compares the Mencius and Buddhist concepts of war, violence, and use of military force. In five pages the beliefs of an afterlife as espoused by Buddhist and Jewish religions are discussed. There are ten bibliographic In twelve pages Japanese Buddhism and Shintoism are contrasted and compared. Six sources are cited in the bibliography In five pages these religions are examined in terms of their similar goals to provide mankind with an ultimate sense of purpose.

Need A College Level Paper? Please enter a keyword or topic phrase to perform a search. Asian Aesthetics and Buddhism's Impact In seven pages this research paper examines how Buddhism impacts India and China's art with references also made to Confucianism a Islamic, Buddhism, and Christian Architecture In nine pages this paper examines and compares the architectural styles of these three world religions.

Asia and Buddhism's Influence In eight pages this paper discusses how after being introduced in India the spread of Buddhism throughout Asia was widespread in a History of China, the Introduction of Buddhism and its Impact In eight pages this paper examines China in a consideration of Buddhism's introduction and its adoption in the region. Analysis of Chinese Buddhism In five pages the ways in which Buddhism traveled to China and became an integral component in its religious practices and as a ph Meditation Value, Zen Buddhism, and Martin Heidegger In nine pages this paper considers Zen Buddhism and Heidegger's teaching in a discussion of how meditation and its value relates t Zen Buddhism Philosophies of D.

Suzuki and Hu Shih This paper consists of nine pages and compares and contrasts the Zen philosophies of D. Computers and Buddhism In eight pages computers and their increasing role in Buddhism adherents' lives are examined in the expanded methods of worship, s Comparative Analysis of Buddhism and Judaism In fifteen pages parallels that exist between Buddhism and Judaism are considered in this comparison and contrasting of their vari Comparative Analysis of Mahayana Buddhism and Theravada Buddhism In eight pages these Buddhism forms and the reasons for their separation are considered in an examination of their differences and Zen Koans and Pratityasamutpada Buddhism In five pages this research essay considers Buddhism through the koans' use between Zen and ancient or pratityasamutpada forms thr Buddhism and Feminism This paper examines the women's equality struggles in Buddhism in recent years in six pages.

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In the category of religion, you find interesting Buddhism essay topics. The specification of this subject is in the content and the necessity to research it. It is quite challenging to write this paper without analyzing the literature beforehand. You need to find sources, jet down the most useful information, and then start preparing the outline.

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The following essay topics will cover the ancient religion of Buddhism. These topics will be independent of information on Chinese and Zen Buddhism, and will focus more on .

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Buddhism term papers available at, the largest free term paper community. Compare and Contrast Essay Topics Eisai's Trips to China Myosan Eisai made two trips to China, in and again in , to learn traditional Buddhism from the Chan School of Buddhism.

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Mar 20,  · Words: Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Buddhism directly evolved from the Vedic Aryan religions. The Gautama Buddha was born into a Brahmin caste family that practiced Vedic ritual and tradition. Siddhartha Gautama's teachings strongly reflect Vedic teachings regarding cosmology, morality, and culture. - Buddhism Buddhism, like most other religions, originated in a particular place at a particular time, and its roots are in forms and ideas that were part of the environment in which it developed. The most important of these areas at the time of the Buddha was the valley of the Ganges river which flows from west to east across most of northern India.