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Pride and Prejudice Questions and Answers

English coursework – Pride and Prejudice Essay Sample

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I can see him instantly before me, in every charm of air and address. I was suddenly struck with the impropriety of such communications to a stranger, of whom I had never heard before his entrance into the —shire Militia.

I now saw the indelicacy of putting himself forward as he had done, and the inconsistency of his professions with his conduct. My rationality has finally begun to overcome my prejudice. Moreover, it was Wickham who boasted of having no fear of seeing Mr Darcy-that Mr Darcy might leave the country, but that he should stand his ground; yet he avoided the Netherfield Ball the very next week!

Wickham had promised me that he would always prevent his exposing the son as a result of his respect to the late Mr Darcy, yet the affair had been every where discussed. I, who have prided myself on my discernment! I who was pleased with the preference of one, and offended by the neglect of the other, on the very beginning of our acquaintance. It shows not the moderation of his wishes but his desperation to grasp at anything.

How blind, partial, prejudiced and absurd have I been? However proud and repulsive his manners may have been, I have never in the whole course of our acquaintance, found anything that should betray him to be unprincipled or unjust.

Among his own connections he was esteemed and valued. He often spoke of his sister with such affection that proves him capable of some amiable feelings. I can now see how such an amiable man like Mr Bingley could retain a friendship with a man like Darcy who seemed to think of himself above everyone else. I should not have criticised him for judging before anything was confirmed for I have now committed the same fault. As for matters concerning Jane, I could not but feel more ashamed of myself.

If only I had given her the advice of being more open with her feelings, perhaps this might not have happened. I therefore feel that most part of the scheming has been designed by Miss Caroline Bingley, who in doing so I believe, tried to create intimacy with Mr Darcy. My sense of shame was made even more severe when I came to the part where my family were mentioned, in terms of such mortifying, yet merited reproach. The compliment to my sister and I was not unfelt but it could not console me for the contempt which had been thus self-attracted by the rest of the family.

My father cannot escape rebuke. He would never exert himself to restrain the wild giddiness of his youngest daughters and was contented with laughing at them.

Our reputation and prospects have been damaged by such impropriety of conduct, the work of my nearest relations. In this state of depression, I could no longer think of anything else apart from my letter.

It was thoroughly wrong of me to proceed to accuse Darcy of his selfish disdain of the feelings of others when I was the one who sought to maintain preconceived opinions and ignorance, the one who had driven reason away, where either were concerned.

How could I have been so easily blinded by Wickham to be unaware of my own faults, pride and vanity towards Darcy? I have not only been unjust to Mr Darcy who has been innocent in the whole affair, but I have most certainly driven away his ardent love for me. If only I had understood everything as I do now, perhaps I would have been engaged to this perfectly polite and well bred gentleman! I would not blame him for losing interest in me, but oh! I have treated Darcy with such cold civility and inflicted so much misery on him whilst giving Wickham all the pleasure of my company.

When I remember the style of his address, I am full of indignation but when I consider how unjustly I have condemned and upbraided Darcy, my anger is turned against myself.

My best friend has a beautiful voice. When she sings, it's as if the clouds have opened up on a rainy day and suddenly the sun is shining. Everybody, strangers and acquaintances alike, always stops whatever they are doing to listen to her angelic voice. Being the best friend of an angelic voice is not easy.

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During the late 19th century and early 20th A good story is always fresh in a person's mind, no matter how long ago they read it.

A memorable story contains a good storyline, developing characters, a climatic moment, and usually a blissful conclusion. Stories have timeless lessons that can teach us something valuable. This book is about a married couple named Gerry Clarke Explore the way Carver handles the genre of the short story.

You should begin your answer with a detailed analysis of one particular story before ranging more widely through the volume as a whole.

Walter Allen defined the short story by saying that it,' deals with [or] dramatizes a single incident and in doing so utterly transforms it. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email.

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English coursework — Pride and Prejudice Essay Sample I am so confused and wound up in recent affairs that I can hardly think clearly. Three hours later… Dear Diary, In my perturbed state of mind, with thoughts that could rest on nothing, I unfolded the letter soon again and collecting myself as well as I could, I began the mortifying perusal of all that related to Jane and Wickham.

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Please choose the access option you need: These men, when at their best, are gracious and Collins behave when Elizabeth turns down his offer? When Elizabeth rejects Mr. Collins's marriage proposal, he feels, at first, that she is engaging in a practice that many apparently fashionable and elegant young ladies do: I need to write a paper that explores the concepts of shame and honor in Pride and Prejudice. There are a few angles from which we can explore the concepts of shame and honor in Pride and Prejudice.

How does Elizabeth feel about Mr. For most of the book, Elizabeth does not like Mr. Darcy at all, but this changes as she begins to learn more about him. When she first sees Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth thinks he looks very severe and How are the themes of love and marriage explored in Pride and Prejudice? The relationship between love and marriage is a major theme Austen develops in Pride and Prejudice.

Austen's novel examines the ways money intersects with love and marriage. In a perfect world, we What behavior of Mr. Gardiner asks Elizabeth about Miss King, who is now Wickham's love interest. Wickham, who was presumably courting Elizabeth before, is now How do Jane and Elizabeth complement and contrast with each other? Elizabeth is much more prone to show her emotions and to jump to quick judgments than Jane. Elizabeth easily becomes prejudiced against people, as the title of the novel indicates.

What Lady Catherine means by this is that a marriage between Mr. Darcy her nephew and, soon, she hopes, son-in-law and Elizabeth Bennet the daughter of a relatively poor gentleman with low-born If we were to take Mr.

Bennet's punishment of Kitty seriously, then it would be a bit extreme. After Lydia runs away from Brighton with Mr. Wickham, Kitty tells her father that she would not behave How does Pemberley symbolize Mr.

After all, the English class system of was much Think about the characteristics of Elizabeth and Darcy at the beginning of the novel and at the Both Elizabeth and Mr.

Darcy change quite a bit over the course of the novel. Darcy realizes that his pride in his dealings with Mr. Wickham after Wickham tried to elope with Darcy's sister, How does Austen portray regency attitudes towards men? The portrayal of men in Pride and Prejudice is suitably complex. On the face of it, men in Regency England were completely dominant. Married women had virtually no civil rights as we would Comment on the title of Pride and Prejudice.

Elizabeth is traditionally associated with prejudice. She conceives a dislike for I am not sure what is meant by "agency" in this context, but I will assume it means a woman's sense of empowerment in making her own choices about marriage. Both these novels are complex, but Select a book printed in either the eighteenth or nineteenth century like Jane Austen's Pride Austen's Pride and Prejudice was originally published in by a man named Thomas Egerton.

Its title page reads, "Pride and Prejudice: How does Austen present love throughout the book? Austen presents love as something which is vital to a good marriage. We see that the Bennets' marriage is a loveless one: Bennet is a ridiculous gossip who is well-known for being socially What would have happened if the Bennett daughters did not find husbands? If the Bennett daughters had not found husbands, their future would have been very uncertain, and there are a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly, Longbourn Estate, from which the Bennett family Is there character development in Pride and Prejudice? Yes, there absolutely is character development in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice; in fact, the development of the two protagonists--Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy-- is arguably the How does Elizabeth Bennet's character change throughout the novel?

Elizabeth is clearly a very bright and opinionated woman at the outset of the novel. Though she knows she must marry in order to provide a future for herself, she does not want to accept just any First, as page numbers vary from edition to edition, and you do not specify which edition you are reading, an educator cannot give page numbers for the edition which you are assigned, but we can In Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, what are some examples of the author using free indirect Before answering this question, it helps to make sure we know what free indirect discourse is.

Free indirect discourse is a special kind of third person narration that combines elements of third In Pride and Prejudice, what are Elizabeth's weaknesses? It's hard not to love Elizabeth Bennet, heroine of a novel that Jane Austen jokingly referred to as too light and bright and sparkling.

Elizabeth, bright and witty and with beautiful eyes, In Pride and Prejudice, what does Elizabeth mean when she says, "Nothing so easy, if you have but Just prior to this statement, Mr. Darcy spoke and fairly explicitly explained why he would not wish to join the women in their stroll around the room. He says they likely know their figures appear How is domestic life reflected in Pride and Prejudice?

In many ways, domestic life is at the center of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, as it is a novel concerned with the home and the family. In general, it could be said that domestic life in the What are the differences that could keep Mr.

Darcy and Elizabeth and Mr. Bingley and Jane apart? Darcy and Bingley are from a different class than Elizabeth and Jane. Darcy is from the landed gentry, and Bingley is from the successful business class. Elizabeth and Jane, on the other hand, are How does Jane Austen demonstrate that 'romantic' love should be privileged over other types of The main problem with this question is that Jane Austen is not a Romantic, and Pride and Prejudice is not Wuthering Heights or one of the Gothic novels.

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Aug 31,  · ok my GCSE coursework is on Pride and prejudice, ive got the jist of it but i need a little help.. 1. What are/ Explain the revelations Darcy makes during his first marriage proposal to Resolved.

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English coursework - Pride and Prejudice; Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access. English coursework – Pride and Prejudice Essay Sample. I am so confused and wound up in recent affairs that I can hardly think dommonet.tky, Darcy proposed to me declaring feelings of love.

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How does pride and prejudice affect Elizabeth and Darcy’s relationship? We will write a custom essay sample on Pride and Prejudice – Coursework Assignment specifically for you for only $ $/page. and she could not help remembering what Charlotte’s opinion had always been”. Pride and Prejudice is, first and foremost, a novel about surmounting obstacles and achieving romantic happiness. For Elizabeth, the heroine, and Darcy, (although his good looks help as well). Ultimately, though, good conversational ability and general goodness of personality seem to go hand in hand.

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View Notes - pride and prejudice from ENG at Brigham Young University. Coursework title: Are Mr and Mrs Bennet Good Parents in your opinion? Examine the portrayal of marriage in the novel Pride. Free coursework on Essay On Pride And Prejudice from, the UK essays company for essay, dissertation and coursework writing.