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Writing Instruments History

Spoon Facts

❶This new kind of eating knife soon became a standard part of a European, American and later on worldwide eating etiquette.


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Stylus, Quill and Pen: The Short History on Writing Instruments
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History of the Pencil The lead pencil was independently invented in France. The Fountain Pen The fountain pen is designed to write more efficiently than it's predecessor, the quill pen, because it is able store liquid ink inside it so that one does not need to dip the pen in ink. The fountain pen also enables you to write with light pressure which is much less tiring than a quill pen.

The ballpoint pen despenses ink over a metal ball at its point. This pen was designed to be able to write on more rough surfaces like wood or leather, that the fountain pen could not. Felt-tipped Pen The felt-tipped pen, also known as the fibre pen, was first invented in Tokyo, Japan. This pen gave more uses other than writing.

You could highlight and color as well. The Discovery of The Cell Theory. Apartheid South Africa Legislative Laws Seems natural enough—archaeological evidence shows that humans had been using knives since prehistoric times as weapons and eating utensils, and they were a most useful tool. So, who domesticated the knife for the dinner table? Well, Louis XIV for one. Until Louis's time, the knives used to cut and eat dinner were sharply pointed—after all, they had to spear food as well as cut it.

But no one forgot that they also doubled as weapons. This meant that dining experiences could be a little uncomfortable, as the dining utensil represented a threat of danger at any moment, even under seemingly friendly circumstances. When the fork gained popularity in Europe, the need for a pointed knife at the table lessened, and that's where Louis came in.

In , the French king ruled all pointed knives at the dinner tables to be illegal. As such, the utensils were ground down to prevent violence. The blunt and wider knives became popular in America, too, though the fork was rarely imported there. As a result, European and American dining customs evolved somewhat differently. As its name indicates, the spork is half-spoon, half-fork, and while America was clearly behind on the other cutlery trends, the spork is a true American eating utensil.

First mentioned by name in a supply catalog, the spork achieved notoriety through another American original—Kentucky Fried Chicken. Due to its handy nature, the spork eventually became a common dessert and travel utensil, available in silver and other metals.

Americans aren't the only ones who appreciate multipurpose utensils. A darling of wedding gift ideas in Australia, the splade gained massive popularity in the s and s.

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These days, when we want to handwrite something, we reach for a ballpoint pen, but it wasn't always so. There is a long history of writing with other kinds of tools before our writing instruments got as advanced as a pen with a supply of ink inside.

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Writing did not just begin with a feather and ink! History of Writing Utensils Look into this timeline to see all about how the first writing utensil came .

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Gel pens are one of the most modern writing tools and are beloved for their strong lines and nice colors. They are used by both professionals and amateurs because of these characteristics. Read more about history of gel pen. The history of writing instruments, which humans have used to record and convey thoughts, feelings and grocery lists is, in some ways, the history of civilization itself. It is through the drawings, signs, and words we've recorded that we've come to understand the story of our species.

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However, according to HISTORY, today, around 8 billion pens, pencils, markers and highlighters are sold each year, and people all over the world are given the opportunity to record their own stories with the modern product of these historic writing utensils. HISTORY OF WRITING including The first writing, Evolution of a script, Cuneiform, Hieroglyphs and papyrus, Seals of the Indus valley, Chinese characters.