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Online Ads: A Guide to Online Ad Types and Formats

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❶This tells Pinterest that this item is for sale at that specific price. This will provide you with a reasonable scale of effectiveness before you commit a lot of ad dollars recklessly.

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The best Reddit ads take their audience into consideration — Reddit is predominantly frequented by a young, tech-savvy audience, mostly males. On a whole, the Reddit community is very wary of blatant marketing, so posting a Reddit advertisement can be a bit like playing with fire. If done properly, Reddit ads can bring a lot of attention for low cost. You can advertise on Reddit through their website. Mobile ads are ads that appear on smartphones, tablets, and any other mobile device.

Many social media platforms, websites, and apps offer their own unique mobile ad options. If you advertise on Google AdWords, you can advertise to mobile devices by taking advantage of Enhanced Campaigns. In-Game ads are advertisements that exist within computer or video games.

One of the most common examples of in-game advertising is billboards appearing in sport games. In-game ads also might appear as brand-name products like guns, cars, or clothing that exist as gaming status symbols. AdMob Ads are advertisements that appear within mobile apps.

AdMob ads can appear as mobile-optimized text ads, image-based banner ads, or even interstitials ads, which use rich HTML5. Email ads are advertisements sent to users via web mail. Email ads can be used to notify subscribers of certain promotions, discounts, or new features, among other uses. Email ads also rely on a compelling subject line to ensure that a user will open the email. If a user is writing and receiving many emails about air conditioners, that user may see ads about air conditions appear within the Gmail client.

While privacy advocates are wary of such practices, Gmail advertising is fully automated and Google asserts that no humans read user emails, only robots. Video ads are growing in popularity as better internet speed performance and online advancements make it fast and easy to watch videos on the web. The most successful video ads avoid blatant advertising, opting instead for educational, how-to video content that naturally appeals to users, with some if any product suggestions discreetly integrated.

Humorous video ads also perform well, with some funny video ad network campaigns finding enormous success, especially when an interactive element is added. Since Google obtained ownership of YouTube, advertising on YouTube has become nearly as easy and customizable as advertising on AdWords. YouTube ads provide a number of targeting options and several different ad formats. YouTube advertisements can appear as banner ads, in-video overlay ads, in-stream video ads which are video ads that appear before or during another YouTube video , as well as several other setups.

Pinterest ads are simply pieces of content pinned by brands and advertisers. When marketing a specific product, marketers create Pinterest advertisements by adding a dollar sign before the price amount to the description.

This tells Pinterest that this item is for sale at that specific price. Pinterest marketers can then link the pinned item to the official product page to drive retail traffic. Some marketers also implement their own form of Pinterest advertising by hosting contests on Pinterest.

Take note that while you do not have to pay Pinterest to create ads, you will have to spend significant time and effort to create beautiful online ads to attract lurking buyers on Pinterest.

Note that Pinterest ads work best on tangible B2C products. Vine ads operate the same way Instagram ads do — there are no official Vine ads at the moment, but many brands and advertisers produce Vine video ads that serve as natural content-based advertising, integrating with regular used-crafted content.

Good Vine ads take a clue from other successful Vines by creating 6-second content that stands out, often implementing stop-motion techniques. While we're primarily concerned with showing online ad examples, it's worth giving a quick overview of other more common, offline forms of advertising as well! TV ads are a form of outbound marketing, also known as interruption marketing, which relies on interrupting viewers in an effort to get their attention.

For many TV ads, the main objective is to be emotionally powerful and memorable. News ads are thought by many to be a thing of the past, but they still offer value, especially when targeting audiences who may not be online often.

News ads can build brand awareness, although tracking the performance of newspaper advertisements is nearly impossible. Online ads, on the other hand, offer audience targeting options, performance measurement analytics, and a wealth of other advantages against classic news ads.

Radio ads are similar to TV ads and newspaper ads in that they too are a form of outbound marketing that seeks out attention through interruption. Urban advertising is advertising that, at its most basic, exists in densely populated cities. The advertiser's rate is based largely on circulation, though you do pay for the production costs on the flyer as well. Insert pricing ranges anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars in large markets.

A primary advantage of an insert ad is that it stands alone. Readers pull the insert out of the paper to look at it. Retailers often use insert flyers to deliver coupon sheets and promotional announcements aimed at drawing a crowd. Also, newspapers typically allow you to distribute inserts to select markets, enabling greater cost control.

As a result, inserts are a lower-cost alternative to direct mail for many small businesses. A budget-strapped small-business operator may turn to classified ads to deliver messages.

The classifieds section of a newspaper is divided up into categories, and targets consumers and small businesses. You can run a classified ad that is text-based or image-based. Text-based ads are less expensive , often costing just a few dollars a day in small towns. While the impact of classifieds normally is lower than that of display or insert ads, you can run a classified ad every day for a modest monthly budget.

Another type of ad you typically see in newspapers are house ads. These are ads placed by the publisher to promote the value of purchasing ad space. While most publishers include some house ads in each edition, a large inventory of them may suggest the paper is struggling to sell space.

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Companies have three primary categories of newspaper ads to use when advertising. These types include display or box ads, inserts and classifieds. Some businesses use all three, while others focus newspaper messages on one format.

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The lay-out and general types' scheme is standardised in most newspapers. There is also no need to see the proofs with the designs already approved. A designed advertisement, therefore, gives the maximum return for its cost.

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Aug 06,  · Newspaper advertising is a popular method for drawing attention to a business, a garage sale or a service being offered. To most effectively advertise one's event or business, there are several types of newspaper advertising options that differ in size, placement, shape and cost. Commonly referred to as ROP (run of press,) newspapers generally feature two types of ads. First, there is the classified ad or text ad, and the second, more common ad, is the display ad. The display ad may be all text or include images and .

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Display ads account for approximately 70 percent of the advertising revenue of the average newspaper. The two types of display advertising in newspapers are local and national (general). Daily local newspapers can be effective channels for publishing newspapers allow you to place a variety of ads, including classified ads or comprehensive coverage. The type of ad that a company or individual use depends largely on the overall goal.