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Coca Cola’s Strategy to Bring the Brand Closer to its Consumers

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❶The program ended in late June

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Hitting the mark
What is Net Promoter Score?

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The Coca-Cola Company uses a customer-based approach to market research, not a product-based approach. Because of Coca-Cola’s close relationship with its customers, it is able to create products that are focused on their market segments. Market research enables Coca-Cola to determine the type of product consumers seek, the best places to promote and distribute the products, and the price that .

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Coca-Cola ® is an iconic global brand that has exemplified brand loyalty throughout its year history of success. The brand has retained its popularity amidst economic downturns, changing consumption patterns, and increased concern over healthy eating and drinking habits.

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Coca Cola has marketed its product in a way that the consumers feel a personal touch to the brand. This is one way in which Coca Cola attempts to gain its customers' loyalty, by connecting people emotionally to the brand. What actually makes an effective marketing campaign? The connectivity between the consumers and the product. How Coca-Cola keeps bringing customers back Based on Brand Keys' Customer Loyalty Engagement Index, Diet Coke and regular Coca-Cola topped both the diet soft drink and regular soft drink categories, with Pepsi sliding into the fourth spot in the diet category and fifth in regular soft drinks, behind the likes of Mountain Dew and Dr Pepper in both categories.

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The coca cola company products, brand loyalty and loyalty programs and how the company has achieved loyalty among its customers worldwide, some of the factors discussed include promotional activities, advertising, position of the company in the market and product differentiation by the coca cola company. Building personalized 1-to-1 customer relationships and creating value are two brand loyalty drivers for executives at The Coca-Cola Company.. During his presentation at the Nov. 19 Morgan Stanley Global Consumer Conference, Sandy Douglas, SVP, Global Chief Customer Officer and President, Coca-Cola North America, described Coca-Cola’s North America strategic business focuses on driving.