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The Last Samurai

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❶This American general was brought to Japan in order to train the army to operate like they do in the West. Japanese soldiers confront a samurai for caring weapons in the street.

Essay title: The Last Samurai

Movie “The Last Samurai” Essay Sample

His task is to defeat a rebellion of the remaining Samurai in Japan. After Algren is captured, he is taken into their village as an information tool. He begins to learn their way of life and finds himself caught up in two situations. As Algren misses his old way of life, he tends to love the way of the Samurai, along with a woman.

The captain has now become the enemy he initially wanted to kill. This story presents the finest meaning of finding true identity and communication, through verbal and nonverbal expression.

Since the world was changing drastically in the 19th century, technology was new and indeed new for warfare. Captain Algren was asked by his commander and personnel from the Japanese consulate to train the Japanese military. The new technology will destroy the Samurai and make the Samurai way obsolete. He simply agrees to do this with money as his only purpose.

In that scene, Algren shows disrespect to his commander and Japanese consulate through his nonverbal communication. His looks, the sucking of his teeth, drinking superfluously and dry sarcasm are the body orientations that show his disinterest The consulate speaks Japanese to his secretary about how rude the Americans can be, which speaks on behalf of the entire country.

A scholarly journal shows that in a test of six studies, acceptance in stereotyping was more associated with implicit and explicit stereotyping of peculiar groups Carter As well in that scene, we learn the conflict styles according to culture. The most important cultural factor in shaping attitudes toward conflict is an orientation toward individualism or collectivism Alden Cheap, manufactured foreign goods put many local tradesmen out of business.

The sheer expanse of China made it difficult for the ruling Qing Dynasty to control the different provinces in the country, much less create a system of unified…… [Read More].

Tokugawa Period in Japanese History. Some of my customers only pay me in rice. Sometimes, in the winter, I wish for warmth and warmer quilt for the cold nights, but winter does not last long here, and so, it is not such a big worry as others in my life.

In addition, I worry about the government, and their policy that seems to be leading toward cutting my country off from the rest of the world. We have enjoyed prosperity and new ideas through the Jesuits and others who have come to live and trade with us, and it seems that the government is going to ban foreigners, and even ban us Japanese from leaving our island. This worries me, because I fear that trade and our economy will suffer, and the government does not seem to have a way to resolve the issue.

I know it is not wise to question our wise leaders,…… [Read More]. McDonald's Corporation This is an attempt to study the history and development of one of the great institutions of United States and a part of the images of the country that has spread in the whole world.

As is well-known, the dominance of the world by United States came after the Second World War when the traditional leaders of United Kingdom and Germany lost their predominant positions due to the destructions of the war, and the impact of change in economic order due to the freedom of many countries. This was the freedom of the colonies and United States had been one of the first colonies to be free, and the former colony became the leader, along with Russia which was the pathfinder of the failed social and economic structure of communism.

It was a contest between the two to prove the relative superiority of the two systems, and the…… [Read More]. Gender Roles in Traditional East Asia. Confucianism is one of the major factors that influenced gender views and perception in traditional East Asia, particularly in relation to the treatment of women in these societies.

Confucianism is primarily a teaching that was brought by Confucius, a philosopher, political figure, and educator. The teachings of Confucius formed the foundation of education in the traditional societies in East Asia, especially in China, Korea, and Japan.

Confucius teachings affected many things in these societies including fixing gender roles between women and men. Based on these teachings, which influenced nearly every facet of life in the conventional Korean, Japanese and Chinese societies, placed women at a disadvantaged position.

The teachings contributed to the development of a patriarchal environment in these societies, which worked to the disadvantaged of women. This paper examines how women exerted power and influence in a patriarchal environment in these three societies and what it teaches us about…… [Read More]. Human Behavior and the Social Environment. Jeanne was born on September 26, in Inglewood, California. She spent early childhood with her Japanese family in Ocean Park where her father worked as a fisherman, until things began to change.

This is the background of the autobiographic novel written by Jeanne and her husband, as she interpreted the events, the environment and the characters. On December 7, , Japan staged a surprise night-time bombing of the U. Its airplanes destroyed 18 U. Analyzing the Gun Control Issue. Gun Control Definition of the Problem Gun Control In America as well as other parts of the world, the role played by guns in committing violent acts, and what must be done in this regard, is a hotly debated topic.

However, some facts are incontestable. Over 31, individuals sustained gunshot injuries in the year , in America. As these victims are mostly youths, gun violence can be considered as one among the primary reasons for premature deaths in the U. Apart from mortal wounds, there were, in the same year, approximately , non-fatal acts of violence perpetrated with the use of guns; emergency departments of American hospitals received 73, cases of nonfatal wounds made by guns.

The economic and social costs associated with gun violence are also huge, in the U. Webster, However, ironically, in spite of gun violence's colossal impact, a majority of public discussions in regard to…… [Read More]. Feudalism Is the Direct Result. This type of landed estate began to cause problems of loyalty just before feudalism began to crumble under the popularity of capitalism. Some vassals were multiplied in the sense that they would attempt to acquire as much land as possible. This caused a conflict in loyalties, as one vassal could owe loyalty to many lords.

This situation brought forth the term "liege lord" , which identified one lord that had power over the other lords should a conflict ever arise. Noble points out how the feudal system "shows vertical bonds in its hierarchy of vassalic ties and its command of the peasant population" It should also be noted that nobility also "joined in horizontal associations" as well.

Noble groupings were a "kind of substitute kinship, especially for the…… [Read More]. Management of Change Within Starbucks. Please see Appendix a for a give year ratio analysis of Starbucks Corporation illustrating the significant effect the recession is having on gross margins. Yet despite this pressure, Starbucks continues to be successful in keeping its gross margins above industry average at 9.

This speaks to the fact that Starbucks is being successful with their long-term strategy of delivering exceptional customer experiences, so much so that there is greater levels of repurchase of drinks and food even in a recession Churchill, All of these factors point to the critical need for managing customer experiences more closely than ever, with a strong orientation towards giving customers and opportunity to have their voices heard on potential new products.

Starbucks has excelled in the area of social networking,…… [Read More]. Interactivity in Video Games and Movies Information technology has changed the way we live in today's world.

Everything from our television to our cell phones are connected through network medium. Computers define the way we do many of the things in our lives, such as, how we maintain our bills and expenses to even conducting business activities online. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to know that the gaming industry is worth over nine billion dollars worldwide.

This paper is a dissertation, which aims to compare the interactivity of games to movies and how their consumers view them. Treaties the United States and. Additionally the allied powers recognized Japan as a sovereign nation having the right of individual and collective defense as defined by Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations Treaty of Peace with Japan.

Additionally it was established that the allied powers occupation forces would withdraw from Japan within a 90 day period Treaty of Peace with Japan.

However the treaty does not prohibit the presence of a retention force. The security aspect of the treaty also explains that any goods that were given to allied troops by Japan were to be returned within 90 days Treaty of Peace with Japan. Political and economic clauses- This aspect of the treaty confirms that any conventions or treaties that Japan had with other nations before would come back into effect unless they contradicted the new treaty Treaty of Peace with Japan.

This reenactment of prewar treaties was to occur within one…… [Read More]. European exploration the world was undertaken in the 's in an attempt to reach the markets of Asia. And once they reached the East, the Europeans quickly found that their technological superiority gave them a strategic advantage over the Asian countries they encountered. As a result, the West began a period of Colonial Imperialism whereby European nations, followed later by the Americans, occupied and administered entire regions of Asia as colonies to be economically exploited.

The Asian countries of India, China, and Japan reacted differently in response to the predations of the West, with differing results. India was completely conquered, China ended up conquered to a degree, and Japan started conquering.

These three different results were in due, partially because of the stability of their nations, and partially due to the ability of each to adapt and modernize. Japanese Playwright Chikamatsu Monzaemon in. If the other pays dealt with prostitutes and people who were poor now the readers gets the chance to see what happens in the life of emperors and samurais.

While in the plays which we have discussed previously it was the lack of financial power to cause the dramatic endings, in this particular play destinies will have a similar tragic ending, this time caused by a social position which makes people hungry for even more power then they have. Honour remains a key factor again Keene, , The last play, the uprooted pine tells yet another story involving a prostitute and a married man.

Again the social pressure seems to make the story possible between them. The situation can be…… [Read More]. Olmec Although scientists found artifacts and art objects of the Olmecs; until this century they did not know about the existence of the Olmecs. Most of the objects which were made by this community were associated with other civilizations, such as Mayan, Toltec or Chichimecan. The Olmec lived between B. The name of this tribe comes from an Aztec word "ollin" which means "land of rubber.

Others became priests or teachers. The present-day city of San Lorenzo was…… [Read More]. Alike Medieval Europe and Japan There is an old saying that familiarity breeds contempt.

But does unfamiliarity breed similarity? In the Middle Ages, two civilizations at opposite ends of the globe evolved in a strangely similar manner. Western Europe had its feudal age. Japan had its feudal age. In the West, civilization rebuilt itself after the fall of a great empire, while in the Far East a new nation emerged that modeled itself after the ancient civilization of its powerful neighbor. There are indeed many similarities between Medieval Western Europe and Medieval Japan, but there are also many differences.

These two civilizations - almost entirely unknown to each other - evolved along similar yet different paths. Following the Fall of ome, and in the wake of devastating barbarian invasions, the…… [Read More]. Cinema s s was a decade of change for the U.

Films not only provide entertainment to masses but are also believed to express the general outlook of society by the way it sets and adopts trends. It was the time of reaction to the aging cinema, especially by the freedom loving youth who were keyed up with fast food Mc Donald's franchised in '54 , credit card first in and drive-in theaters Filmsite. Young people were fed-up with the conventional illustration of men and women. With growing interest in ock-n-oll and break-free attitude prevailing, a social revolution was very much in the offering, and that was to transfer the cinema as well…… [Read More].

Farewell to Manzanar Japanese-American Family. Jeanne records her personal feelings and impressions, but also interweaves historical facts with her reconstructed internal monologue so the reader learns about the home front during World War II as well more about Jeanne's adolescence. Seeing the Japanese internment camps through the eyes of a child highlights the sweeping and irrational nature of President Roosevelt's dictate, and knowing that Jeanne's stories are true, not a fictionalized account of the camps, forces the reader to confront this episode in American history without denial or excuses.

The camps were closed after the Supreme Court declared them illegal in , but the camps lived on in the hearts of the interned -- the spoiled food, the constant sickness from the filthy latrines, and most of all, the reminder that the American government had declared Japanese-Americans lesser citizens, solely because of their race.

They were seen a lesser immigrants in a land…… [Read More]. Music Cultures of the World Japan. The music of Japan is as rich and diverse as the culture of Japan's people, and it has a long place in Japan's history.

Several different musical forms and instruments make up Japan's musical history, and it has ancient beginnings in the earliest history of Japan in many cases.

While the Japanese have held on to their musical past, they are also not afraid to create new musical traditions, such as the karaoke fad that swept the world in the s and beyond. Ancient Japanese Music Many scholars believe that Japanese music has its roots in the music of China, an ancient culture that dominated Asian culture from the earliest recorded history. However, studies indicate this is really not the case. Japanese music historian Egon Wellesz notes, "It might be expected that Japanese music would exhibit considerable Chinese influence; but it…… [Read More].

Suicide Has Been of Interest From the. For philosophers, clergy and social scientists, the subject raises myriad of conceptual, theological, moral, and psychological questions, such as What makes a person's behavior suicidal? What motivates such an action? Is suicide morally permissible, or even morally required in some extraordinary circumstances? Is suicidal behavior rational? How does suicide affect those that remain? The fictional books Virgin Suicides and Norwegian Wood address some of these topics, only to find, as in real life, that each situation differs and the ones who are left must find a way to personally resolve their confusion and move on.

The definition of suicide is confusing. People have long looked at suicide in a negative fashion, although someone who dies to save others is more likely to be seen in a better light than someone who has done so to relieve mental or physical…… [Read More]. Post-Modern Japanese Cultural Society and. Cellular phones and video games did not exist in the past due to the absence of technology back then.

The Japanese video game industry has revolutionized the world with its innovative games from giants such as Nintendo, Sega and Sony. The role-playing games genre has been a big contribution by the Japanese and a large part of their culture. They did not have video games back then but they had text-based adventures which people could play on their own. Mario brothers, pokemon, digimon are some of the brand names of Japanese culture. The Japanese game industry has developed a following around the world as people eagerly await games, which have the typical Japanese background music.

These background tracks are also on the best selling charts in Japan. Conclusion Japanese culture depends on sharing subcultures such as expressionism, an urban sense of style, and high educational attainment.

These processes and patterns…… [Read More]. Comparing the Works of William Gibson. William Gibson orn in in South Carolina, William Gibson was to become one of the most prolific representative of science fiction and an exponent of what is to referred to as the cyberpunk genre in science fiction.

Even if he did not actually defined the termed it has been used previously, see below , William Gibson became the most recognized writer of cyberpunk and he created and defined the term cyberspace, a term with which we are becoming more and more familiar today. His book Neuromancer, written in , won him international fame and recognition, as well as the Hugo Award, the Nebula Award and the Philipp K.

Of course, discussing William Gibson means discussing, however briefly, the concept of cyberpunk. Gibson did not actually invent the term: Family Supper The short story "A Faimily Supper" by Kazuo Ishiguro is not a simple piece of literature about a family gathering for a meal.

A young Japanese man has returned home to Tokyo after spending years in California with a girl, though that relationship has now failed. He learns the cause of his mother's death two years earlier: His father's business has recently collasped into ruin, and the father's business partner commited suicide. They are joined for dinner by Kikuko, the sister, who studies at a university.

A fourth additoinal family member, the now dead mother, also appears in the story as a spectre. The brother and sister reminise about the sighting of a ghost in the garden when they had been children, while the father guides his son through the house of empty rooms, reminiscing about the life that once was there before…… [Read More].

Japan and Confucianism in Art and Society. When Neo-Confucianism arrived in Japan in the 16th century, it built on the pre-existing ideas of Confucianism that had already been imported into the island centuries earlier Tsutsui As far back as the 5th century, the Japanese had mixed with Confucian ideas about society and the role of the person in the world. Confucian ideas taught the Japanese about what it means to be a moral person.

However, the Japanese also incorporated Buddhist concepts into their culture -- and these focused on the metaphysical side of nature and how to define reality or unreality. These two systems of thought, along with Taoism, molded Japan for hundreds of years. By the time Neo-Confucianism arrived, the Japanese were ready to address the issues that the schools left unresolved.

Buddhism presented life as basically unreal and that nirvana was the real reality. Confucianism taught values about society and how to respect life,…… [Read More]. A further crucial aspect is the way in which the media covered the war. Media coverage was extensive and brought the horror and the reality of war into the ordinary American home as never before. Another aspect was the emergence of the " new left" element in the country which was critical not only of the war but of the way that the society was being run and administered in general.

The site provides some insightful background on this aspect. However, more recently this condition has become known as Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Male Female Differences Films Like. Jacking, male, stated, "We know the kick-ass ladies really exist, and they are increasing.

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Introduction to "The Last Samurai" Edward Zwick, the director of "legend of the fall", co-produced this war and drama film, based on a true story depicting honor and courage battling against corruption and greed. Nathan Algren (Tom cruise) is an American civil war veteran who carries moral scars of his victory against the native Indians.

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The Last Samurai - The movie, The Last Samurai, filled the theatres in with its suspenseful plot, exciting battle sequences and historical reference within the script. In .

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The Last Samurai Essay Words | 3 Pages “The Last Samurai” is a film centered around the idea of journeying physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. We witness these journeys not only through observations of a character going through a personal transformation but a whole culture around him who is likewise in turmoil. The Last Samurai Essay - The Last Samurai-Scene 11 - 17 The scene started off with a man by the name of Capt. Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise) laying on a floor wearing dirty garments and yelling out the name of a man that he had just killed before his capture.

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The last samurai Essay. Macro Fall Test 1 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. Sophia is planning her activities for a hot summer day. Nov 21,  · These holistic practices, in turn, promoted the Samurai's own inner harmony: mentally, physically, and spiritually. For example, The Last Samurai depicted various nutritional practices, prayer, pre-war, death and other rituals; attitudes about spirituality and the meaning of life, and medicinal philosophies and practices within the .