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Imperial and US customary measurement systems

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❶The statutes at large. United States Department of Transportation.

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United States customary units are a system of measurements commonly used in the United States. The United States customary system (USCS or USC) developed from English units which were in use in the British Empire before the U.S. became an independent country.

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The imperial and US customary systems of measurement are two closely inter-related systems of measurement both derived from earlier English system of measurement units which can be traced back to Ancient Roman units of measurement, and Carolingian and Saxon units of measure.

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unit of capacity in the British Imperial and U.S. Customary systems of measurement. In the British system the units for dry measure and liquid measure are identical; the single British pint is equal to cubic inches ( cubic cm) or one-eighth gallon. The bushel (bu) is a measurement of dry volume in the US Customary System. Two systems of weights and measures are derived from English Units: the US Customary System and the British Imperial System.