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Self Image Essays (Examples)

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❶The idea that "there is not a single thing in the world that should not have been there. It is required that the governments lower their involvement in such activities and empower the self-regulation of advertisement content through agencies, associations.

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Reactions of others When you think about your idea of who you are, it mostly comes from how you think other people view you. Comparing yourself to others, so that you can construct a picture of who you are. For example, when you go out to the beach with your friends and you compare your figure to their figure in a bathing costume, just to get an idea of who you are. Observing your own behaviour. The skill to do this progresses as you become more mature. To be self-reflective is a skill and in health and social care it is needed a lot.

Age — Age can influence your self-concept because as you get older, physical capabilities change, for example your health, fitness, illness or disability. Income — Income can influence your self-concept, because it can affect different areas of your life such as, geographical location, housing, friendship groups, education. Education — Intellectual abilities can influence your self-concept for example if the individual is intelligent that will change who they are as they progress into further education and work.

Depending on their intellectual abilities, it can be positive or negative outcomes on the development of self-concept. Appearance — Appearance can influence your self-concept because your physical features such as clothes and non-verbal behaviour can influence and develop aspects of your self-concept. Abuse- Abuse can influence self-concept, but it can depend on how long the abuse has lasted, what life stage you are at when you have been involved in abuse and also it will come down to your personality.

Upbringing — Upbringing can influence self-concept because the way your parent brings you up will depend on the person you are, and how you behave. This can be a positive or negative outcome. Geographical location- This can influence your self-concept because depending on your location of where you live can depend on the opportunities available, this can also be a positive or negative outcome. All the factors that influence an individuals self-concept can effect individuals in different ways, it depends on what type of factor it is, how it affects the development of self concept, and weather or not the factor has a positive or negative affect on the individual.

But most importantly, possessions are not the only important thing in life, as long as one is able to maintain basic standard of living is maintained. Also the individual will have an understanding of which they are, this is self-image they will have an understanding of self-image because they have been able to explore different things through income. Individuals with low income will even find it difficult to maintain the basic needs of life and this will affect their self-esteem especially if they are surrounded by images of people who have a lot of wealth.

Age Age influences self-concept because at different life stages we think of ourselves in different ways, this factor can either be a positive or negative. At the life stage of adulthood we find ourselves to be more aware of who we are because of the experiences throughout our lives. We tend to describe ourselves by our job roles and ability to provide for our families, this will give us a sense of self-image because we can describe ourselves through our social role.

At this life stage we are usually in intimate relationships, such as a husband or boyfriend, by having this in your life will give you confidence and it can also make you feel valued and give you a sense of belonging, this would contribute to a positive self-esteem, which will also contribute to the idea of who you are self-concept.

This would give the individual a positive self-concept because they have an understanding of who they are, because they have an idea of self-image and also have a positive self-esteem.

If an individual is brought up in a happy family home, where the parents have good jobs with good income and are supportive of the individual with education, this will give the individual the sense of belonging and also give them a sense of personal worth, because they have the support there for them, this will give them a positive self-esteem which will contribute to help the development of their self-concept.

Also by having parents that work and earn a good income the individual will be able to experience things, such as holidays, and different activities. This outcome would be a positive self-concept, because the individual is able to learn about themselves and understand self-concept.

Parenting and child health. This could possibly then change the behaviour of the individual, because they may be so used to not being able to do certain things that they would not even bother to try their best to achieve. If an individual lived in an area where there is a chance to succeed for example good schooling and also employment and a good area, where there is no trouble.

It would give the individual the chance to be educated well, and then get a good job that is well paid. This would then give the individual a positive self-esteem because they have a sense of achievement and a sense of personal worth and by having a positive self-esteem will contribute to having knowledge of their own self-concept.

On the other hand if an individual lived in a run-down area, the self-concept of the individual would be different to the above example, because they would have experienced different things, for example they would have experienced unemployment, low income, and bad housing conditions.

So self-image will be affected, which means if the individual has got a negative self-esteem and a poor understanding of self-image they will not be able to reach a positive self-concept of themselves. If an individual feels comfortable with their appearance, it will ensure that their self-esteem is positive, because they will value themselves and feel sense of personal worth, and also if they feel happy with their appearance it could give them confidence. Also because the individual is happy with what they look like, and feel comfortable, this would help them understand their self-image, which is another section of self-concept.

By having a low self-esteem means that the individual will not be able to have a positive self-concept because self-esteem is one of the sections of self-concept, that gives an individual knowledge about themselves. And also affect the behaviour of the individual, for example the individual may not want to go out and have a good time because they feel too uncomfortable with themselves, and this is where we as care workers should carry out positive reinforces to help the individual make some positivity out of their-self-concept and also to show them some support.

All these will contribute to helping the individual and as care workers we should be able to carry out these different types of skills. Self-concept can also affect the behaviour of the individual, for example if they have a negative self-concept they can feel all types of different emotions such as feeling, lost, worthless, insecure, depressed, not accepted.

The list of words I would use to describe myself are the following: These words help give a description of some of my skills and personality traits. If I were to try to describe who I am, I would say I am a single mother with a strong personality and many responsibilities. There are various factors that have impacted the reason that I have the self-image that I do.

There have been incidents that have occurred that helped me learn about myself. Also, there have been many influential people in my life who have views and opinions have molded my personality, especially my father. Something to also keep in mind is that your self-image can change as you grow and mature. When I look at myself now, my traits and personality are very different than they were even a couple years ago.

One of the descriptive words I chose to describe myself was maternal. The reason I chose this word is because my life has changed completely since I had a child.

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